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+<Project> post installation procedures
+Add a brief introduction to the methods of validating the installation
+according to this specific installer or feature.
+Automated post installation activities
+Describe specific post installation activities performed by the OPNFV
+deployment pipeline including testing activities and reports. Refer to
+the relevant testing guides, results, and release notes.
+note: this section should be singular and derived from the test projects
+once we have one test suite to run for all deploy tools. This is not the
+case yet so each deploy tool will need to provide (hopefully very simillar)
+documentation of this.
+<Project> post configuration procedures
+Describe any deploy tool or feature specific scripts, tests or procedures
+that should be carried out on the deployment post install and configuration
+in this section.
+Platform components validation
+Describe any component specific validation procedures necessary for your
+deployment tool in this section.