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System Limitations
-No limitations beyond those in Fuel and Apex have been identified.
+The Colorado 1.0 release has several limitations:
+1 - It only works in non-HA environments. Tacker is currently not
+available in HA environments and so the calls to it fail.
+2 - It only works in one-compute deployments. Tacker fixed the
+multicompute support in the last weeks but it has not been tested
+3 - The first time a classification rule is created, it does not
+work. This is a known issue in Netvirt-ODL. Create the classification
+once again and it should work. This issue will be fixed in ODL
+Boron SR1, which will be included in Colorado 2.0.
+4 - Any VM (e.g. SFs) must have only one security group.
+There is a bug in ODL Boron which only one security group is read.
+The rest are silently ignored. This issue will be fixed in ODL
+Boron SR1, which will be included in Colorado 2.0.
Known issues