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SFC User Guide docs
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-<Feature> description
+SFC description
.. Describe the specific features and how it is realised in the scenario in a brief manner
.. to ensure the user understand the context for the user guide instructions to follow.
-<Feature> capabilities and usage
+The OPNFV SFC feature will create service chains, classifiers, and create VMs for Service
+Functions, allowing for client traffic intended to be sent to a server to first traverse
+the provisioned service chain.
+The Service Chain creation consists of configuring the OpenDaylight SFC feature. This
+configuration will in-turn configure Service Function Forwarders to route traffic to
+Service Functions. A Service Function Forwarder in the context of OPNFV SFC is the
+"br-int" OVS bridge on an Open Stack compute node.
+The classifier(s) consist of configuring the OpenDaylight Netvirt feature. Netvirt is
+a Neutron backend which handles the networking for VMs. Netvirt can also create simple
+classification rules (5-tuples) to send specific traffic to a pre-configured Service
+Chain. A common example of a classification rule would be to send all HTTP traffic
+(tcp port 80) to a pre-configured Service Chain.
+Service Function VM creation is performed via a VNF Manager. Currently, OPNFV SFC
+is integrated with OpenStack Tacker, which in addition to being a VNF Manager, also
+orchestrates the SFC configuration. In OPNFV SFC Tacker creates service chains,
+classification rules, creates VMs in OpenStack for Service Functions, and then
+communicates the relevant configuration to OpenDaylight SFC.
+SFC capabilities and usage
.. Describe the specific capabilities and usage for <XYZ> feature.
.. Provide enough information that a user will be able to operate the feature on a deployed scenario.
-<Feature and API usage guidelines and example>
+The OPNFV SFC feature can be deployed with either the "os-odl_l2-sfc-ha" or the
+"os-odl_l2-sfc-noha" scenario. SFC usage for both of these scenarios is the same.
+As previously mentioned, Tacker is used as a VNF Manager and SFC Orchestrator. All
+the configuration necessary to create working service chains and classifiers can
+be performed using the Tacker command line. Refer to the `Tacker walkthrough <https://github.com/trozet/sfc-random/blob/master/tacker_sfc_apex_walkthrough.txt>`_
+(step 3 and onwards) for more information.
+SFC API usage guidelines and example
.. Describe with examples how to use specific features, provide API examples and details required to
.. operate the feature on the platform.
+Refer to the `Tacker walkthrough <https://github.com/trozet/sfc-random/blob/master/tacker_sfc_apex_walkthrough.txt>`_
+for Tacker usage guidelines and examples.