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Changing README6.0.0
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@@ -2,61 +2,10 @@ This is the role which deploys the os-odl-sfc scenarios in xci.
This role currently works with:
-- OpenStack stable/pike
-- ODL Nitrogen RC1
+- OpenStack stable/queens
+- ODL Oxygen
- OVS+NSH patch
- OpenSUSE 42.3 or Ubuntu 16.04
-1 - If you don’t have a key already, generate an SSH key in $HOME/.ssh
-ssh-keygen -t rsa
-2 - Clone OPNFV releng-xci repository
-git clone https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/releng-xci.git
-3 - Change into directory where the sandbox script is located:
-cd releng-xci/xci
-4 - Use a version of releng-xci which we know works
-git checkout cf2cd4e4b87a5e392bc4ba49749a349925ba2f86
-Then, depending on the scenario which will be run:
-## os-odl-sfc-noha ##
-To run os-odl-sfc-noha you should export the following variables before
-running xci-deploy.sh. Note that you should change xxxx by the path where
-your releng-xci code is:
-export XCI_FLAVOR=noha
-export OPNFV_SCENARIO=os-odl-sfc
-export OPENSTACK_OSA_VERSION=stable/pike
-export VM_MEMORY_SIZE=16384
-export OPENSTACK_BIFROST_VERSION=bd7e99bf7a00e4c9ad7d03d752d7251e3caf8509
-## os-odl-sfc-ha ##
-To run os-odl-sfc-ha you should export the following variables before
-running xci-deploy.sh:
-export XCI_FLAVOR=ha
-export OPNFV_SCENARIO=os-odl-sfc
-export OPENSTACK_OSA_VERSION=stable/pike
-export VM_MEMORY_SIZE=20480
-export OPENSTACK_BIFROST_VERSION=bd7e99bf7a00e4c9ad7d03d752d7251e3caf8509
-1 - It is using a private branch for the os-neutron role. This is because
-there are several patches pending to be upstreamed. This is the branch we
-are using:
-We will stop doing this as soon as the patches are merged upstream
-2 - It is using a private branch for tacker code because a bug does not
-allow SSL. We will stop doing this as soon as the bug is fixed
+Follow this link: