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diff --git a/ b/
index 8511b44..6a0c562 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -74,23 +74,23 @@ def run_tests(host, nodetype):
port = cfgparse.get(nodetype, 'port')"Host: {0} Selected Profile: {1}".format(host,
-"Checking internet for package installation...")
+ connect.logger.debug("Checking internet for package installation...")
if internet_check(host, nodetype):
-"Internet Connection OK.")
-"Creating temp file structure..")
+ connect.logger.debug("Internet Connection OK.")
+ connect.logger.debug("Creating temp file structure..")
createfiles(host, port, user, localkey)
-"Installing OpenSCAP...")
+ connect.logger.debug("Installing OpenSCAP...")
install_pkg(host, port, user, localkey)
-"Running scan...")
+ connect.logger.debug("Running scan...")
run_scanner(host, port, user, localkey, nodetype)
clean = cfgparse.get(nodetype, 'clean')
-"Post installation tasks....")
+ connect.logger.debug("Post installation tasks....")
post_tasks(host, port, user, localkey, nodetype)
if clean:
-"Cleaning down environment....")
-"Removing OpenSCAP....")
+ connect.logger.debug("Cleaning down environment....")
+ connect.logger.debug("Removing OpenSCAP....")
removepkg(host, port, user, localkey, nodetype)
-"Deleting tmp file and reports (remote)...")
+ connect.logger.debug("Deleting tmp file and reports (remote)...")
cleandir(host, port, user, localkey, nodetype)
connect.logger.error("Internet timeout. Moving on to next node..")