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2018-02-01Updating INFO file - new PTLTim Irnich1-2/+2
Updating project lead and primary contact to Peri after PTL election. Change-Id: Ief833e2e1479f99f8f0be815d5be43cb96883a4a Signed-off-by: Tim Irnich <>
2017-11-17Adding two new committersTim Irnich1-2/+4
Adding Thomas Sounapoglou and Peri Palanisamy as new comitters to the project. Both have made substantial contributions to the project and are very active. Existing committers, please approve. Change-Id: Ib85ced466dbdf90333e555de6a81ef30a77b3ed3 Signed-off-by: Tim Irnich <>
2017-07-17Removing inactive committers in accordance with Section 8 of the TSC charter.Tim Irnich1-1/+0
Change-Id: I32a2f340a6f9a5966ed52e2d6d6e8fe62cc6338a Signed-off-by: Tim Irnich <>
2016-08-08Adding New ComittersAric Gardner1-1/+3
Change-Id: Ia237ab7347c789761e36bec1cf28372f8fbcefbc Signed-off-by: Aric Gardner <>
2015-09-21Adding INFO and LICENSE for reviewAric Gardner1-0/+19
Change-Id: Ib49fda8acf8d81a4497ff0331c8b589d53524a16 Signed-off-by: Aric Gardner <>