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Fix network assoc tests in Boroncolorado.2.0stable/colorado
Network assoc in Boron with netvirt does not work for subnets that have a router due to an inherent limitation in the implementation. See the mailing list and related bug: Also, if a subnet does not have a route distinguisher, it is not added to the FIB, so association does not make traffic move between subnets. This is intentional and an error is logged when a subnet is associated to a bvpvpn without a route distinguisher. This commit fixes the net assoc case and works around these issues by: - Removing the routers from the subnets in testcase_1 - Adding a route distinguisher to the bgpvpn JIRA: SDNVPN-74 Change-Id: I6b57eab89839d9e9122cd24b0f05737467439dd9 Signed-off-by: Romanos Skiadas <> (cherry picked from commit b9eb7024b014cba0d299b1cf3b01e179c7d0482e)
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@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ testcases:
sdnvpn_sg_descr: Security group for SDNVPN test cases
targets1: '88:88'
targets2: '55:55'
+ route_distinguishers: '11:11'
enabled: true