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With -e option the installer does not launch environment deployment, so
a user can do some modification before the scenario is really deployed.
Another interesting option is the -f option which deploys the scenario using an existing Fuel host.
+The result of this installation is a fuel sever with the right config for
+BGPVPN. Now the deploy button on fuel dashboard can be used to deploy the environment.
+It is as well possible to do the configuration manuell.
+Feature configuration on existing Fuel
+If a Fuel server is already provided but the fuel plugins for Opendaylight, Openvswitch
+and BGPVPN are not provided install them by:
+ cd /opt/opnfv/
+ fuel plugins --install fuel-plugin-ovs-*.noarch.rpm
+ fuel plugins --install opendaylight-*.noarch.rpm
+ fuel plugins --install bgpvpn-*.noarch.rpm
+If plugins are installed and you want to update them use --force flag.
+Now the feature can be configured. Create a new environment with "Neutron with ML2 plugin" and
+in there "Neutron with tunneling segmentation".
+Then go to settings/other and check "OpenDaylight plugin", "Install Openvswitch with NSH/DPDK" and
+"BGPVPN plugin". Then you should be able to check "BGPVPN extensions" in OpenDaylight plugin section.
+Now the deploy button on fuel dashboard can be used to deploy the environment.
Feature and API usage guidelines and example
.. Describe with examples how to use specific features, provide API examples and details required to