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Correct testcase 8 description
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Test whether router assoc can coexist with floating IP
-- Create two VMs, one in a subnet with a router
-- Assoc the two networks in a VPN iRT=eRT
- One with router assoc, other with net assoc
+- Create VM1 in net1 with a subnet which is connected to a router
+ which is connected with the gateway
+- Create VM2 in net2 with a subnet without a router attached.
+- Create bgpvpn with iRT=eRT
+- Assoc the router of net1 with bgpvpn and assoc net 2 with the bgpvpn
- Try to ping from one VM to the other
- Assign a floating IP to the VM in the router assoc network
-- Ping it
+- Ping it the floating ip
import argparse