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+A high-level description of the scenarios is provided in this section.
+For details of the scenarios and their provided capabilities refer to
+the scenario description document:
+The BGPVPN feature enables creation of BGP VPNs on the Neutron API according to the OpenStack
+BGPVPN blueprint at
+In a nutshell, the blueprint defines a BGPVPN object and a number of ways
+how to associate it with the existing Neutron object model, as well as a unique
+definition of the related semantics. The BGPVPN framework supports a backend
+driver model with currently available drivers for Bagpipe, OpenContrail, Nuage
+and OpenDaylight. The OPNFV scenario makes use of the OpenDaylight driver and backend
+implementation through the ODL NetVirt project.