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2019-04-12Improved image building & new PROXLuc Provoost1-25/+0
Bug fixes for the script for building an image via the packer tool. This also installs a newer version of PROX with some bug fixes in PROX. The *.test files have been simplified. Also introduced a new file MachineMap.cfg to map test machines on actual VMs. Change-Id: I69445327ef0a907bc8c1566aaa60c733418c541e Signed-off-by: Luc Provoost <>
2019-01-07Improved image build & packet loss measurementsLuc Provoost1-1/+0
Reworked and which is installing a PROX version that deals with non data plane packet counting for improved packet loss measurements. Fixed some issues with the packer scripts. Change-Id: I64aab09d364ab5abbbc5fc75c73afcbe11fed681 Signed-off-by: Luc Provoost <>
2018-10-11test improvements and fixes for image creationLuc Provoost1-0/+26
Updated and corrected the creation of an image containing the PROX tool with packer. Test will now only be declared successful when average and maximum latency are below a certain threshold. The start speed is now also a parameter of the *.test files. Change-Id: I1112555c87e7a857e1c699921ae08f61281642e1 Signed-off-by: Luc Provoost <>