path: root/VNFs/DPPD-PROX/handle_lb_net.c
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2018-01-04Add support for DPDK 17.11Xavier Simonart1-8/+20
Change-Id: I5611ead4b61b23d6c1c983852e8c75619e08ecf9 Signed-off-by: Xavier Simonart <>
2017-07-14Adding PROX(Packet pROcessing eXecution engine) VNF to sampleVNFDeepak S1-0/+577
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-55 PROX is a DPDK-based application implementing Telco use-cases such as a simplified BRAS/BNG, light-weight AFTR... It also allows configuring finer grained network functions like QoS, Routing, load-balancing... (We are moving PROX version v039 to sampleVNF Change-Id: Ia3cb02cf0e49ac5596e922c197ff7e010293d033 Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>