AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-11-16bugfix: missing for automate jjbSerenaFeng1-0/+152
2017-11-14Create functionality and e2e tests for projectthuva415-43/+444
2017-11-14Merge "Initial .gitreview and .gitignore"Serena Feng2-0/+32
2017-11-13Initial .gitreview and .gitignoreTrevor Bramwell2-0/+32
2017-11-10Initial Commit CI FilesTrevor Bramwell5-0/+186
2017-11-03Merge "add simple e2e tests for PodsCotroller"Serena Feng6-0/+395
2017-11-01add simple e2e tests for PodsCotrollerthuva46-0/+395
2017-10-31remove components out side of 3rd_partySerenaFeng19-0/+1
2017-10-30Merge "divide resources into handlers and models"Serena Feng34-227/+106
2017-10-27divide resources into handlers and modelsSerenaFeng34-227/+106
2017-10-27add develop guide for testapiSerenaFeng13-5/+381
2017-10-27bugfix: E722 do not use bare exceptSerenaFeng3-4/+4
2017-10-23Merge "allow authentication to be disabled"Serena Feng5-8/+18
2017-10-20bug fix: score calculation based on build_tagMorgan Richomme1-3/+4
2017-10-20allow authentication to be disabledSerenaFeng5-8/+18
2017-10-20criteria field must be 'PASS/FAIL'SerenaFeng5-2/+33
2017-10-19Extend the Functest reporting black listMorgan Richomme1-0/+2
2017-10-18Add new function to get indivial test score for aarch64Morgan Richomme3-7/+54
2017-10-16delete legacy update codeSerenaFeng14-610/+0
2017-10-16fix yamllint verify failSerenaFeng3-1/+5
2017-10-16Merge "Added license metadata to specify Apache-2.0"Serena Feng2-0/+2
2017-10-16Merge "Update table headers in the reporting page"Serena Feng1-3/+3
2017-10-13Added license metadata to specify Apache-2.0rpaik2-0/+2
2017-10-12Change criteria 'SUCCESS' to 'PASS' in yardstick reportingchenjiankun1-2/+1
2017-10-12bugfix: trend graph not show in fuel x86 and aarch64chenjiankun1-2/+14
2017-10-11Merge "Add fuel@x86 and fuel@arm support"Morgan Richomme3-118/+166
2017-10-11Add fuel@x86 and fuel@arm supportchenjiankun3-118/+166
2017-10-11put htmlize directory under jjb/relengSerenaFeng3-105/+0
2017-10-07Change score calculation for functest reportingMorgan Richomme1-5/+19
2017-10-03Update table headers in the reporting pageYujun Zhang1-3/+3
2017-09-30Fix status reporting pageYujun Zhang4-19/+12
2017-09-29Merge "Fix Bottlenecks status page cann't be shown."Morgan Richomme1-1/+5
2017-09-29Change Euphrates imageMorgan Richomme2-3/+3
2017-09-29Fix Bottlenecks status page cann't be shown.liyin1-1/+5
2017-09-26reporting adoption for Euphrateschenjiankun4-4/+4
2017-09-25Merge "cloudify_ims reporting fixes"Morgan Richomme4-164/+182
2017-09-22cloudify_ims reporting fixesMorgan Richomme4-164/+182
2017-09-22Merge "Bugfix: Change http_pass to proxy_pass"Morgan Richomme1-1/+1
2017-09-21Merge "bugfix: autoupdate failed due to mingle with watchdog"Morgan Richomme1-10/+7
2017-09-21refactor one click deployment in testapiSerenaFeng3-55/+55
2017-09-21bugfix: autoupdate failed due to mingle with watchdogSerenaFeng1-10/+7
2017-09-20add one click deployment of testapi and reportingSerenaFeng1-0/+67
2017-09-20Bugfix: Change http_pass to proxy_passchenjiankun1-1/+1
2017-09-20Merge "Add Euphrates pages for reporting"Morgan Richomme6-23/+267
2017-09-18Add Euphrates pages for reportingMorgan Richomme6-23/+267
2017-09-18Bug Fix: Using library for urlencodeutkarshrai981-19/+18
2017-09-16Merge "testing for raise in"Serena Feng1-0/+9
2017-09-12leverage LFID authentication to pod creationSerenaFeng10-23/+128
2017-09-12leverage token_check only when posting resultsSerenaFeng3-77/+17
2017-09-12testing for raise in config.pyutkarshrai981-0/+9