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2017-10-10Implements master ignore listlhinds1-0/+1
This change introduces a master ignore list, to save having to repeat ignore strings in every project exception file. This is achieved via a new ignore_list.yaml file that is merged with the project exception list and then used for the re.search ignore statement in both patch_scan.py and project_scan.py Change-Id: Ifb60b8ba3091603182c2025dbbbfd1a88a72439b Signed-off-by: lhinds <lhinds@redhat.com>
2017-06-21rename gatechecks and project_configlhinds1-1/+1
gatechecks is renamed to master_list and project_config is renamed to project_exceptions JIRA:RELENG-251 Change-Id: Icbcc2c114d687783e0720017025cb4bb8e53e8a3 Signed-off-by: lhinds <lhinds@redhat.com>
2017-06-14Fix log directory issuesJulien1-3/+3
1. /home/opnfv can not be created in osx 2. when the log directory is not existed, anteater_logger.py will fail 3. add new added directory .reports into .gitignore Change-Id: If3833bfbaf160d35afab1c71d3fab060a1164da6 Signed-off-by: Julien <zhang.jun3g@zte.com.cn>
2017-05-22Initial code push of Anteaterlhinds1-0/+4
Likely far to much to cover in a commit msg. Main bulk is the Anteater code itself, alongside packaging requirements and build tools and Dockerfile. Unit tests are planned as a follow up, so pushing this for now so that efforts can get underway to integrate the tool with jjb. Questions on how it works, please reach me in IRC. Change-Id: I2cd3cae391f8bf2cdc91b39c56dfc4833a1c4913 Signed-off-by: lhinds <lhinds@redhat.com>