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+# Anteater
CI Gate Security for Gerrit
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-Searches repositories for compiled binaries, private keys, passwords and senstive strings
+Anteater performs scanning of any commited patches sent to a gerrit code review
+site. Each time a patch is pushed to a repository, jenkins instantiates
+anteater, who then performs a series of security checks to each file proposed
+in a patch.
+Checks consist of verification that no binary / blobs are present. If they are,
+they are immediately voted as '-1' (do not merge), until a review has occurred
+to insure the binary is safe and its origins are known. Once agreed as safe, a
+sha256 checksum is entered into anteaters 'exception' list to insure it is not
+maliciously replaced at any given time in the future.
+Checks are made to insure the file are not of a sensitive nature, for example
+cryptographic keys or application configuration files known to contain
+sensitive details, are all blocked from merge.
+Finally a deep scan is performed to look for suspect patterns, such as scripts
+pulling in file / objects from untrusted sites, or various patterns such as
+shell executions.
+Anteater uses an open framework to allow users to add new additions easily,
+without having to touch any code.
-Provides exception / waiver lists to whitelist files, data.
+Anteater was developed to address concerns of recent high profile attacks that
+have occurred against CI environments, where hackers have backdoor'ed build /
+DevOps systems by various means (such as stealing a users ssh key and self
+approving patches). By having automated non-human checks in place, it adds an
+extra layer of security review with the ability to block a patch merge at gate.
-Provides option to add own file types for white / blacklisting
+The project is mainly used in the Linux Foundations OPNFV platform, which has
+over 40 repositories that need monitoring. Plans are in place to port it to the
+github API where it can operate as a review bot as part of a github hosted
+project. \ No newline at end of file