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2017-04-11Freeze dependency versionsYujun Zhang1-8/+10
Change-Id: I9106c31eb7786c3fc98d9e53bd9626349431de4e Signed-off-by: Yujun Zhang <zhang.yujunz@zte.com.cn>
2017-03-11Implement 'list' command.Taseer1-0/+2
- Loads Qtip components from the default path. JIRA: QTIP-205 Change-Id: Id87993d65c5cd6a23c199cf1049d75a0971b6354 Signed-off-by: Taseer Ahmed <taseer94@gmail.com> (cherry picked from commit 0bd051505c2851d61356e7c448d7802913ab785f)
2017-02-22Add Api Basic framework skeletonAkhil Batra1-3/+1
- Requirements updated to remove flask and include connexion - Api specifications will be added to specs file in swagger/ - controllers module will handle all requests and responses JIRA: QTIP-213 Change-Id: Icfec15ddeff7d53c53ce64910ae2bddd4fc0f260 Signed-off-by: Akhil Batra <akhil.batra@research.iiit.ac.in>
2017-02-01Removed unused depsYujun Zhang1-14/+8
Change-Id: I7215c0c3f2957e88b2a048c45a5b99739707f15b Signed-off-by: Yujun Zhang <zhang.yujunz@zte.com.cn>
2017-01-03Implement plan, qpi and metric constructorsYujun Zhang1-0/+1
- separate runner from `plan` and move `plan` to `loader` - rename `algorithm` to `formula` - use `numpy` for formulas - update sample qpi and metrics Change-Id: I3131ca79907376f2de31d6cb920bd7d0230664a6 Signed-off-by: Yujun Zhang <zhang.yujunz@zte.com.cn>
2016-08-21Add ansible_api so that python call ansible playbook by api.zhifeng.jiang1-0/+1
modification: Add ansible_api so that we can get ansible running results easily. Add UT for ansible_api.py JIRA:QTIP-99 Change-Id: I6e7b0b97e4d9ef184978833c61c17e944c1eb20c Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <jiang.zhifeng@zte.com.cn>
2016-08-13Add restful server API in QTIP which can be called by Yardstick.zhifeng.jiang1-0/+3
modification: Add restful server API. Include needed packages in requirement file. Add unit tests for restful server api. JIRA:QTIP-97 Change-Id: I5306d5dd76ee818fef46d0e7b7392f2df2982552 Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <jiang.zhifeng@zte.com.cn>
2016-07-05Add some UT test cases and fix pep8 errors for cli and env_setup.zhifeng.jiang1-0/+1
JIRA:QTIP-89 Change-Id: I4a46898071001f679f1a032a560d605dffc8eb9f Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <jiang.zhifeng@zte.com.cn>
2016-06-13Add the tox.ini and requirement list so that we can start pep8 check by "tox ↵zhifeng.jiang1-0/+8
-e pep8" JIRA:QTIP-89 Change-Id: Iff0792e2503be73865aa21c2995f1fb2252442fb Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <jiang.zhifeng@zte.com.cn>