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2017-08-17restruct documents according to opnfvdocsJulien1-38/+0
Use only development and release for we don't have test codes for now. JIRA: PHAROS-311 Change-Id: Iacfcaba81a7a52e09cf999b8603cc9dc2f8f2b97 Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2017-06-27Fix Yamllint ViolationsTrevor Bramwell1-16/+17
JIRA: PHAROS-298 Change-Id: I1c9afc9bfee4a60144b95bc38e2333260c95167a Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2016-08-10update OOL lab descriptionRyota MIBU1-0/+37
- add description of 'ool-virtual1' - use the new template Note: missing information will be updated by OOL admin in another patch. JIRA: PHAROS-231 Change-Id: If31baba1b072f56745e9c9e8798eea5289996a3a Signed-off-by: Ryota MIBU <>