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-.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
-.. (c) 2016 OPNFV.
-.. Top level of Pharos templates and configuration files
-Pharos Templates and Configuration Files
-Lab and POD templates are provided to help lab owners document capabilities, configurations and
-network topologies. Compute, network and storage specifications with network topology details are
-required to help developers use lab resources efficiently while minimizing support needs. This also
-greatly assists with troubleshoting. It is the responsibility of the lab owner to keep individual
-lab documents updated and determine appropriate level of detail that is exposed publicly through
-the Wiki or maintained in a secure Pharos repo with controlled access.
-The goal of the Pharos Project is automation of resource provisioning. This requires machine
-readable inventory and network configuration files that follow common format.
-.. toctree::
- :maxdepth: 2
- ./lab_description.rst
- ./pod_description.rst
- ./inventory.rst