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[IDF] fuel, dpdk: Switch to 1G pgsz on ThunderX
VPP requires 1G pagesizes on ThunderX nodes, so switch from 2M to 1G when DPDK is used. While at it, extend the Fuel j2 macro to accomodate different naming of virtual function network devices based on the driver used (vfio). Change-Id: Ic29ce04867955282b6f988ed69a44b316ffdc994 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
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--- a/labs/arm/idf-pod10.yaml
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@@ -142,9 +142,9 @@ idf:
compute_kernel_isolcpu: *nova_cpu_pinning_common_arm
nova_cpu_pinning: "12-47"
- compute_hugepages_size: 2M
- compute_hugepages_count: 8192
- compute_hugepages_mount: /mnt/hugepages_2M
+ compute_hugepages_size: 1G
+ compute_hugepages_count: 16
+ compute_hugepages_mount: /mnt/hugepages_1G
compute_kernel_isolcpu: *nova_cpu_pinning_common_arm
compute_dpdk_driver: vfio
compute_ovs_pmd_cpu_mask: "0x300"