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Organized document directories, added index.rst files ...
./ only file here should be project facts (INFO) ./docs/ no files should be here (jumpserver_install and pharos-spec files will be removed) ./docs/configguide/ overview of community lab expecations, reference to all other files wtih descriptions, get started for a new lab (e.g. how to update pharos start page) ./docs/images/ diagrams for pharos project (Wiki etc. not a particular lab) ./docs/information/ contains pharos project information ... pharos.rst ./docs/lab-description/ templates and config file examples (human readable (rst) and machine readable (yaml) files) ./docs/labs/ all lab specific documentation (filled templates, etc.) ./docs/labs/images/ lab specific diagrams ./docs/specification/ files that are part of the pharos spec Change-Id: I3a7a1434ae4b8f6f0d66d0ce5b6a1b00853378d5 Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
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