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2019-01-18OverHaul the Snapshot WorkflowParker Berberian1-2/+2
Makes the Snapshot workflow much prettier and more functional. Change-Id: Icdd66f64e6d336ad49ed3cf638a301d0ca92fda9 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-11-26Fixed Misc BugsParker Berberian2-4/+4
Some corner cases that cause issues recently came to our attention. Fixes issues in the booking workflow and the Notification system. Change-Id: Ie16118ba1bdbeff86bb41a16dc783337b921d527 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-11-26Fix all flake8 errorsParker Berberian4-41/+46
The flake8 command in finds no longer finds any errors. This may form a basis of a jenkins verify job as a sort of 'weak compile-time checks' The flake8 command will not complain about line length, and will not complain about django's file Change-Id: Ic47cb4fc7ada55e64485661ab6881aef475018ff Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-11-07Rewrite Notification subsystemParker Berberian6-154/+161
In this commit: - delete a lot of really bad and / or unused code - redesign a much simpler Notification model - create and send notifications to the user's inbox on booking start & end - migrations - emails user when booking is ready and when it ends Not in this commit: - Creating notifications from lab messages - warning messages when a booking is about to end - creating "summary" notifications when e.g. a booking has been fulfilled by a lab Change-Id: I69b4dc36c3f2bce76d810106baadeef5a562cc7d Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-10-15Lab as a Service 2.0Parker Berberian11-18/+258
See changes here: Change-Id: I59ada5f98e70a28d7f8c14eab3239597e236ca26 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <> Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-01-09Implement Booking Modification InterfaceSawyer Bergeron1-1/+0
Jira: PHAROS-330 Users can change start date if it has not already occurred, and can change end date, purpose, and both installer and scenario. Standard checks apply similar to when initially creating a booking. Change-Id: Ibae7fe91a58bd6e0741db065265c05c3823bdc27 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2018-01-09Fixes for Recent MergeSawyer Bergeron1-4/+3
Jira: None In a recent large merge, some code was lost in translation. This commit fixes a missing line in requirements.txt and removes a couple lines in that lost relevance. Change-Id: I5ddf67fc1da6df40f84d60668cd59e6a1975912d Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2018-01-02Implement Notification Framework with Initial Email SupportSawyer Bergeron7-0/+131
JIRA: None Notification/notifier objects are now created with title, content, sender, associated resource, and recipient and there is now support for emails at the very least to be sent as notifications. Change-Id: I456cf0e901d9a1e2a1e7d187dcc03d28fca003fb Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>