AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
29 hoursLab as a Service 2.0HEADmasterParker Berberian234-2004/+15935
8 daysDevelopment Override Compose FileTrevor Bramwell11-51/+123
11 daysUpdate Postgres UsageTrevor Bramwell3-15/+3
2018-10-01Use Upstream Rabbitmq Docker ContainerTrevor Bramwell5-21/+6
2018-10-01Bump Python Cryptography Library VersionTrevor Bramwell2-2/+2
2018-07-20change ',' to '.' in settings.pywutianwei1-1/+1
2018-04-13Merge "Limit User Booking Length and Extensions"Parker Berberian5-4/+67
2018-04-13Merge "Gracefully Handle Missing Jenkins Utilization for Dev Pod"Parker Berberian1-19/+24
2018-03-27Implement Booking Cleanup TaskSawyer Bergeron3-2/+29
2018-03-26Gracefully Handle Missing Jenkins Utilization for Dev PodSawyer Bergeron1-19/+24
2018-03-26Limit User Booking Length and ExtensionsSawyer Bergeron5-4/+67
2018-02-28Merge "Allow Configuring 'DEFAULT_EMAIL_FROM' in Django"stable/fraserParker Berberian2-0/+2
2018-02-27Allow Configuring 'DEFAULT_EMAIL_FROM' in DjangoTrevor Bramwell2-0/+2
2018-02-22Link AUP from dashboardSawyer Bergeron1-1/+5
2018-02-19Merge "Provide Interface for Booking Deletion"Parker Berberian5-4/+71
2018-02-19Provide Interface for Booking DeletionSawyer Bergeron5-4/+71
2018-02-19Merge "Expose Limited User Info Through API"Parker Berberian3-0/+13
2018-02-19Merge "Remove the Booking Notification Cleanup Task"Parker Berberian1-2/+0
2018-02-19Merge "Remove RSA Files from Repo"Parker Berberian2-23/+0
2018-02-16Expose Limited User Info Through APISawyer Bergeron3-0/+13
2018-02-15Change opsys Label to Operating SystemSawyer Bergeron1-0/+1
2018-02-12Merge "Ensure DEBUG is set as a Boolean"Parker Berberian1-1/+3
2018-02-12Merge "Use userprofile.email_addr in User List"Parker Berberian1-1/+1
2018-02-09Ensure DEBUG is set as a BooleanTrevor Bramwell1-1/+3
2018-02-09Pull DEBUG Var From EnvironmentTrevor Bramwell1-1/+1
2018-02-09Use userprofile.email_addr in User ListSawyer Bergeron1-1/+1
2018-02-02Remove the Booking Notification Cleanup TaskTrevor Bramwell1-2/+0
2018-02-02Remove RSA Files from RepoTrevor Bramwell2-23/+0
2018-01-31Merge "Add User-ID Field in Booking API Serializer"Parker Berberian1-1/+1
2018-01-18Add User-ID Field in Booking API SerializerSawyer Bergeron1-1/+1
2018-01-17Add Nullable Lab Field to ResourcesSawyer Bergeron6-5/+52
2018-01-09Implement Booking Modification InterfaceSawyer Bergeron14-39/+212
2018-01-09Merge "Create Lab Model"Jack Morgan3-2/+50
2018-01-09Fixes for Recent MergeSawyer Bergeron2-4/+4
2018-01-09Create Lab ModelSawyer Bergeron3-2/+50
2018-01-09Merge "Adds missing Password workflow metadata"Jack Morgan1-0/+26
2018-01-09Merge "Skeleton for Apex Support"Jack Morgan4-0/+77
2018-01-09Merge "Experimental Compass Support"Jack Morgan4-0/+77
2018-01-09Merge "Experimental JOID Support"Jack Morgan4-0/+133
2018-01-09Merge "Experimental Fuel Support"Jack Morgan6-0/+148
2018-01-09Merge "Allows for manual addition of bookings"Jack Morgan2-0/+87
2018-01-09Merge "Adds update workflow"Jack Morgan4-0/+105
2018-01-09Merge "Adds workflows to deploy and clean hosts"Jack Morgan4-0/+133
2018-01-09Merge "Adds Credential Manipulation"Jack Morgan10-0/+465
2018-01-09Merge "Adds ability to capture and image hosts"Jack Morgan19-0/+721
2018-01-09Merge "Added sensor and rules"Jack Morgan4-0/+341
2018-01-09Merge "Initial Commit for new LaaS Software"Jack Morgan46-3876/+281
2018-01-08Merge "Add .gitignore and .gitreview"Jack Morgan2-0/+70
2018-01-08Merge "Implement Notification Framework with Initial Email Support"Jack Morgan22-216/+158
2018-01-08Merge "Add Dashboard OS Selection Menu on Booking"Jack Morgan9-9/+56