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The dashboard is deployed using docker-compose.
-Application / database files are saved in /var/lib/pharos_dashboard/.
+Application / database files are saved in the 'pharos-data' container
+which needs to be pre-built before bringing up the dashboard.
- clone the repository
- complete the config.env.sample file and save it as config.env
-- install docker, docker-compose and bower
-- run 'bower install' in ./src/static/ to fetch javascript dependencies
-- run 'make build' to build the containers
+- install docker, docker-compose
- run 'make data'
- run 'make up' to run the dashboard
+- run 'docker-compose pull'
+- run 'docker-compose up -d'
- make stop
- git pull
-- run 'bower install' if javascript dependencies changed
- make build
- make start
@@ -34,3 +35,9 @@ If there is migrations that need user input (like renaming a field), they need t
Logs / Shell access:
- there is some shortcuts in the makefile
+- Install dependencies listed in 'Deployment'
+- run 'make build'
+- run 'make dev-up'