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Update notes for release Eopnfv-5.1.0stable/euphrates
Update userguide and release-notes JIRA:PARSER-163 Change-Id: I3b15aa40afcb86a415997fc7e2471894bf3c9f06 Signed-off-by: shangxdy <>
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@@ -35,13 +35,20 @@ check the input file and don't want to translate, please use tosaca-parser as fo
.. code-block:: bash
- tosca-parser --template-file=<input yaml file>
+ tosca-parser --template-file=<path to the YAML template> [--nrpv] [--debug]
+ or
+ tosca-parser --template-file=<path to the CSAR zip file> [--nrpv] [--debug]
+ or
+ tosca-parser --template-file=<URL to the template or CSAR> [--nrpv] [--debug]
+ options:
+ --nrpv Ignore input parameter validation when parse template.
+ --debug debug mode for print more details other than raise exceptions when errors happen
.. code-block:: bash
- tosca-parser --template-file=vRNC.yaml
+ tosca-parser --template-file=vRNC.yaml --nrpv
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