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Update git submodules
* Update docs/submodules/releng from branch 'master' - [fuel, armband] Disable aarch64 verify jobs Our hardware does not support nested virtualization on aarch64, so our verify jobs cannot run any real tests that require spawning VMs on a virtual POD, where all verify jobs were previously scheduled. So all aarch64 verify jobs used to be limited to checking that the Armband patches apply cleanly on top of OPNFV Fuel. Now that all Armband patches are upstream in OPNFV Fuel, the verify jobs became more or less a no-op, so let's just disable them. Change-Id: Ibe86f58978c961e221c90ccb8b2666598981f464 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
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diff --git a/docs/submodules/releng b/docs/submodules/releng
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+Subproject c6d685aa45e14d181c48b98d84eb6eb74ccc321