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Update git submodulesstable/danube
* Update docs/submodules/releng from branch 'master' - xci sfc: Enable post merge deployment This change enables the deployment upon merge of a change. Followup patches will incorporate functest smoke and promotion which the promotion will most likely be the first one as functest parts are a bit tricky due to failures while running testing in VMs. Apart from the enablement of the deployments, job concurrency is disabled as well since we should only test one change at a time and attempt promotion for any scenario in order to ensure we keep the promotion consistent. Change-Id: Ib4b5754b6b88f42eab83c656e03773c83068016f Signed-off-by: Fatih Degirmenci <> - xci: Convert execute shell scripts to external scripts The scripts used by verify jobs to create VMs, start deployments, run functest, and do cleanup for CI can be reused by other jobs as well so they are moved out of the yaml file. Apart from that, if we decide to change the way we run CI (not using VMs for performance reasons), we don't have to make big changes to yaml either. Change-Id: I2df1f2d60f999bcd7d53a5cd879112a5b2b0ca05 Signed-off-by: Fatih Degirmenci <>
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diff --git a/docs/submodules/releng b/docs/submodules/releng
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