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2018-02-26[NFVBENCH-70] Update nfvbenchvm to 0.6Yichen Wang3-7/+5
1. Update kernel to 4.4.118-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64; 2. Update to build testpmd off DPDK 18.02; 3. Update txd/rxd of testpmd to 256/1024; 4. Update VPP to 17.10-9~gd594711~b55.x86_64; Change-Id: I1321b306143d1daf81f8a984ad7739a980c5cfb9 Signed-off-by: Yichen Wang <yicwang@cisco.com>
2017-11-30[NFVBENCH-49] Fix the regression issue and support VPPYichen Wang3-17/+25
Change-Id: I7a2e000e80ea624b279b9d0aa99a21c3f33c989d Signed-off-by: Yichen Wang <yicwang@cisco.com>
2017-11-28NFVBENCH-48 Check gsutil when building the vm imageKerim Gokarslan1-6/+14
Change-Id: I2c049679be27c4404ba859d30c8b37f17b60496f Signed-off-by: Kerim Gokarslan <kgokarsl@cisco.com>
2017-11-24Add support to use vswitch to handle V2V in PVVP SRIOV scenarioYichen Wang9-23/+47
1. Add support to use vswitch to handle V2V in PVVP SRIOV scenario 2. Update nfvbenchvm to 0.5: (1) Update VPP to 17.10; (2) Update DPDK testpmd to 17.08; (3) Change kernel to based on longterm lineup; Change-Id: I944489579a4cd92d17075e80870bbdb32512a150 Signed-off-by: Yichen Wang <yicwang@cisco.com>
2017-09-08[NFVBENCH-20] Use updated kernel for the image1.0.6Yichen Wang4-5/+8
1. Update testpmd to DPDK 17.05.2; 2. Update VPP to 17.07-30; 3. Fix the script to use the new kernel; buildvm Change-Id: Icd62ff1c383598db4f80bc9b36794ff0f8d0e56c Signed-off-by: Yichen Wang <yicwang@cisco.com>
2017-08-25NFVBENCH-9 Create VM image and upload to OPNFV artfact repoKerim Gokarslan1-1/+15
Change-Id: Iffad4cccacccbb3df240d1b004c27ae209cec701 Signed-off-by: Kerim Gokarslan <kgokarsl@cisco.com>
2017-08-04Add the scipts to build NFVbench VMYichen Wang18-0/+300
Change-Id: I9632333777260468d6f07cf0149c789626f20145 Signed-off-by: Yichen Wang <yicwang@cisco.com>
2017-07-31Initial code drop from Cisco1.0.0ahothan1-0/+84
Change-Id: Ie2993886dc8e95c5f73ccdb871add8b96ffcc849 Signed-off-by: ahothan <ahothan@cisco.com>