AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-06-04Increase loopVM version in Dockerfile5.0.3fmenguy1-1/+1
2021-06-04Merge "Increase VM version to 0.15"Fran�ois-R�gis Menguy1-1/+1
2021-06-04Merge "behave_tests: increase nfvbench_test_api timeout"Fran�ois-R�gis Menguy1-1/+1
2021-06-04Merge "behave_tests: add feature quick-test-10kpps"Fran�ois-R�gis Menguy2-1/+35
2021-06-04Merge "Increase Xtesting version in requirements and remove behaveframework t...Fran�ois-R�gis Menguy3-126/+1
2021-06-04Increase VM version to 0.15fmenguy1-1/+1
2021-06-04NFVBENCH-213 Add clouds.yaml management in generator VMfmenguy3-21/+37
2021-06-04NFVBENCH-212 Add clouds.yaml file as a config file to use for openstack API a...fmenguy5-57/+125
2021-06-04NFVBENCH-211 Fix VPP driver for loop VMfmenguy2-2/+3
2021-06-02behave_tests: increase nfvbench_test_api timeoutGwenael Lambrouin1-1/+1
2021-06-02behave_tests: add feature quick-test-10kppsGwenael Lambrouin2-1/+35
2021-06-02Increase Xtesting version in requirements and remove behaveframework temporar...fmenguy3-126/+1
2021-06-01xtesting: change nfvbench config file path for test case 10kpps-pvp-runGwenael Lambrouin3-22/+38
2021-05-25NFVBENCH-210 Remove TRex restart from behave test scenariosfmenguy3-5/+0
2021-05-25Update loop VM image to v0.145.0.2fmenguy1-1/+1
2021-05-25NFVBENCH-209 Fix NFVbench loopvm build failed on testpmd stepfmenguy5-49/+20
2021-05-17Revert cleanup and allow force push image to GS (tmp)fmenguy1-34/+11
2021-05-17NFVBENCH-208 Fix VM imagesfmenguy5-0/+23
2021-04-28Add generator VM Xtesting call example in documentation5.0.1fmenguy1-1/+15
2021-04-28NFVBENCH-196: New NFVbench image for generator part (nfvbench and TRex codes ...5.0.0fmenguy23-102/+859
2021-04-28NFVBENCH-206 Fix TRex patches remaining codefmenguy1-15/+0
2021-04-27NFVBENCH-190: Add a 'i40e_mixed' option, trex accepts other i40e driven ports...Pierrick Louin4-3/+53
2021-04-27NFVBENCH-205 - Add behave tests for characterization and non-regressionfmenguy20-19/+965
2021-03-30NFVBENCH-163: Add gratuitous ARP in case of L3 router modefmenguy10-11/+125
2021-03-11Add Kibana visualizations examples for NDR resultfmenguy20-1/+1015
2021-03-05NFVBENCH-204 Remove some piece of code depending on a non merged patch (NFVBE...Pierrick Louin1-3/+1
2021-03-05NFVBENCH-203: Make --show-config really print the actual running configPierrick Louin2-8/+25
2021-03-05NFVBENCH-202: Generalize auto T-Rex restart on every command line related par...Pierrick Louin1-14/+25
2021-03-04NFVBENCH-201 Fix port creation with accurate subnet_idfmenguy2-0/+26
2021-03-04NFVBENCH-200 Cleanup refactoringfmenguy4-34/+54
2021-03-04NFVBENCH-199 add exception to avoid API locked with pending runfmenguy1-3/+9
2021-03-03NFVBENCH-198 Error in File logger management (REST API)fmenguy1-6/+7
2021-03-03NFVBENCH-197 Upgrade NFVbench packaging (Ubuntu version and requirements)fmenguy2-21/+17
2021-01-05NFVBENCH-195: Work around a fatal error encountered with the latest pip relea...Pierrick Louin2-1/+2
2020-11-24NFVBENCH-194 Fix too many headers in NFVBenchSummarizer using server modefmenguy1-29/+29
2020-11-16NFVBENCH-193: Correct a critical bug introduced in commit NFVBENCH-1924.4.0Pierrick Louin1-3/+5
2020-11-16Merge "NFVBENCH-192: Complete/fix hdrh related processings to consider all ca...Fran�ois-R�gis Menguy5-56/+88
2020-11-09NFVBENCH-192: Complete/fix hdrh related processings to consider all casesPierrick Louin8-76/+110
2020-11-09NFVBENCH-187: Augment --l2-loopback command line option capabilitiesPierrick Louin9-97/+249
2020-11-05NFVBENCH-189: Add a fix to work around the i40e_VF port initialization issuePierrick Louin1-4/+96
2020-11-05NFVBENCH-188: Add an option for dumping the TRex log filePierrick Louin1-0/+14
2020-10-19NFVBENCH-186: Fix a bug: NDR mode now fully supports 'intf_speed' overridingPierrick Louin1-3/+16
2020-10-19NFVBENCH-184: Add a feature (+ options) allowing to change ownership of share...Pierrick Louin3-5/+60
2020-10-19Add Francois as committerahothan1-1/+5
2020-10-17NFVBENCH-181: Make T-Rex restart on 'cores' or 'vlan_tagging' parameter value...Pierrick Louin1-1/+16
2020-10-17NFVBENCH-180: Add a 'no_e2e_check' option to skip "end to end" connectivity c...Pierrick Louin3-3/+20
2020-10-17NFVBENCH-182: Cap the cache size to 10000 (maximum admitted)Pierrick Louin1-12/+14
2020-10-17NFVBENCH-183: Correct a very old bug - revealed with python3 - when traffic i...Pierrick Louin1-6/+11
2020-10-16NFVBENCH-178: Add a 'debug_mask' configuration parameter for development needsPierrick Louin2-0/+15
2020-10-16NFVBENCH-171 Not accurate flow count with some IP and UDP ranges combinationsfmenguy6-194/+1320