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+# IDLE INTERFACES: PVP, PVVP and non shared net only.
+# By default each test VM will have 2 virtual interfaces for looping traffic.
+# If service_chain_shared_net is false, additional virtual interfaces can be
+# added at VM creation time, these interfaces will not carry any traffic and
+# can be used to test the impact of idle interfaces in the overall performance.
+# All these idle interfaces will use normal ports (not direct).
+# Number of idle interfaces per VM (none by default)
+idle_interfaces_per_vm: 0
+# A new network is created for each idle interface.
+# If service_chain_shared_net is true, the options below will be ignored
+# and no idle interfaces will be added.
+ # Prefix for all idle networks
+ name: 'nfvbench-idle-net'
+ # Prefix for all idle subnetworks
+ subnet: 'nfvbench-idle-subnet'
+ # CIDR to use for all idle networks (value should not matter)
+ cidr: ''
+ # Type of network associated to the idle virtual interfaces (vlan or vxlan)
+ network_type: 'vlan'
+ # segmentation ID to use for the network attached to the idle virtual interfaces
+ # vlan: leave empty to let neutron pick the segmentation ID
+ # vxlan: must specify the VNI value to be used (cannot be empty)
+ # Note that NFVbench will use as many consecutive segmentation IDs as needed.
+ # For example, for 4 PVP chains and 8 idle
+ # interfaces per VM, NFVbench will use 32 consecutive values of segmentation ID
+ # starting from the value provided.
+ segmentation_id:
+ # physnet name to use for all idle interfaces
+ physical_network:
# In the scenario of PVVP + SRIOV, there is choice of how the traffic will be
# handled in the middle network. The default (false) will use vswitch, while
# SRIOV can be used by toggling below setting.