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2016-11-11More intro to retired use casescolorado.3.0colorado.2.0stable/coloradocsatari1-1/+4
2016-11-11Formatting changes and fixing of build warningsGeorg Kunz9-67/+125
2016-11-11Retiring the "provisioning of provider networks" use caseGeorg Kunz5-5/+43
2016-09-16Global review of the NetReady requirements documentcolorado.1.0Georg Kunz16-0/+1534
2016-09-16Preparing files for global reviewGeorg Kunz16-1539/+0
2016-08-08Removal of Ildiko Vancsa as comitterGeorg Kunz1-1/+0
2016-08-02Explanatory figurescsatari6-0/+23
2016-07-23updated version history: first version of the doc readyGeorg Kunz1-0/+1
2016-07-22Added conclusion on Neutron network semantics to summaryGeorg Kunz1-0/+8
2016-07-22Incorporating further review commentsGeorg Kunz7-38/+45
2016-07-22Working on comments and document cleanupGeorg Kunz9-90/+56
2016-07-21Summary changescsatari2-4/+20
2016-07-20Correction of a typocsatari3-3/+3
2016-07-18Multi-back-ends: Added gap analysisGeorg Kunz1-8/+103
2016-07-15Add new use case of multiple back-ends, which is separate from L3VPNBin Hu2-0/+38
2016-07-15Add general, future-looking statement in Problem Description, Goals,Bin Hu2-0/+33
2016-07-14Renamed and extended port abstraction modelGeorg Kunz3-12/+72
2016-07-13Correcting a typocsatari1-1/+1
2016-07-12L3VPN Any-to-any: polishing terminology and figuresGeorg Kunz6-22/+33
2016-07-12L3VPN Hub-and-Spoke: more in depth gap analysisGeorg Kunz2-48/+151
2016-07-12Added stub for summary and conclusion sectionGeorg Kunz1-3/+12
2016-07-12L3VPN Any-2-Any: more detailed usage of BGPVPN APIGeorg Kunz2-36/+84
2016-07-12Precisly name Neutron L3 network services in introGeorg Kunz1-7/+7
2016-07-12L3VPN: Added placeholder for conclusionGeorg Kunz1-0/+7
2016-07-11L3VPN ECMP: Adding 2nd API example and conclusionGeorg Kunz1-24/+85
2016-07-11L3VPN ECMP: more detailed usage of BGPVPN APIGeorg Kunz1-3/+51
2016-07-07OpenStack networking guide link addedcsatari2-8/+5
2016-07-07Polishing of the glossary and introductionGeorg Kunz2-14/+19
2016-07-07Cleanup of document structureGeorg Kunz1-4/+0
2016-07-05Polishing of georedundancy and provider network uc-scsatari5-77/+118
2016-06-28Updating the list of authorsGeorg Kunz1-1/+2
2016-06-23Georedundancy reorganization and enhancement to the introductioncsatari4-57/+69
2016-06-21Adding explanatory images to the introduction.csatari3-0/+18
2016-06-17Data model and NB API for shared service function use caseGeorg Kunz3-84/+141
2016-06-17Separating the georedundancy use cases to separate files.csatari4-48/+56
2016-06-04Revised description of gap analysis of Hub and Spoke of L3VPNBin Hu1-29/+28
2016-06-05Add current implementation and gap analysis for Hub and Spoke caseBin Hu1-11/+105
2016-06-04Intial text on analysis of L3VPN ECMP use caseGeorg Kunz2-8/+40
2016-05-30Add Networking-sfc refereceBin Hu1-0/+1
2016-05-25Splitting L3VPN use cases into separate files for conflict free editingGeorg Kunz5-139/+153
2016-05-23Added a place for references and an example referenceGeorg Kunz3-1/+9
2016-05-22 - Corrections based on the comments recived on the netready project meetin...Gergely Csatari1-25/+49
2016-05-21Adding BGPVPN workflow to first L3VPN use caseGeorg Kunz1-15/+66
2016-05-17Fixing enumeration in L3VPN use case sectionGeorg Kunz1-9/+27
2016-05-15Including L3VPN use cases in index fileGeorg Kunz1-0/+1
2016-05-15Merge "L3VPN use case and images"Bin Hu4-0/+212
2016-05-14Merge "Removal of Ashlee Young from the list of committers"Georg Kunz1-1/+0
2016-05-13L3VPN use case and imagesBin Hu4-0/+212
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2016-05-11Removal of Ashlee Young from the list of committersGeorg Kunz1-1/+0