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Update the Colorado description to Danubedanube.1.1stable/danube
There is still Colorado description in multisite.kingbird.installation.rst, need to update it. Change-Id: I9b4b0d4524d12f0a160d31d4f59c60a13f48596b Signed-off-by: joehuang <> (cherry picked from commit 22d48a744158d5aafa7e2a999704eb877a77992b)
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This document will give the user instructions on how to deploy
-available scenarios verified for the Colorado release of OPNFV
+available scenarios verified for the Danube release of OPNFV
Preparing the installation
Kingbird is centralized synchronization service for multi-region OpenStack
-deployments. In OPNFV Colorado release, Kingbird provides centralized quota
-management feature. At least two OpenStack regions with shared KeyStone should
-be installed first.
+deployments. Kingbird provides centralized quota management feature. At least
+two OpenStack regions with shared KeyStone should be installed first.
Kingbird includes kingbird-api and kingbird-engine, kingbird-api and
kingbird-engine which talk to each other through message bus, and both