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2017-06-27Updated robot scripts for v3 credentialsjuraj.linkes3-24/+39
The fds security group robot script is now compatible with both v2 and v3 credentials. Also introduced other minor fixes. Change-Id: I987a3963fea425fcc31afe4681575ca985f162bb Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-07FDS release notes for D3.0juraj.linkes1-1/+75
Change-Id: Iad253687f534b09799ae21ab58e3f302d5f14e75 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <> (cherry picked from commit 4c8ccbb8594b7091f498dcf83b9b8c28835fe710)
2017-05-05Minor fixes to scenario documentationFrank Brockners6-10/+14
Refer to FDS release notes (instead of APEX release notes). Change-Id: I2208dffef4d14f54221455fa3b3f6d53905bfe00 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-05-03Minor documentation fix for ODL_l3 docsdanube.2.0Frank Brockners1-1/+1
Change-Id: I21c84e20877c494523fd348be5eed23f409440c3 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit 1029ebce0186072709e22a44c2b0cbb5a41a4501)
2017-05-02Fixes for ODL_l3 HA scenario docsFrank Brockners1-4/+4
Change-Id: I68b48cea500e0547ca19e3ba46126da8fd69d00f Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit 548bbe5c7be0bc8e435faa2d6de6c91b84da5e2a)
2017-05-02FDS release notes for D2.0Frank Brockners1-9/+118
Change-Id: I1d63427ac32b69816540cebc4907e44b39da5742 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit 92a43cbc94912a27489154edb6404438ce85d822)
2017-05-02Documentation for odl_l3-fdio-ha scenarioFrank Brockners9-0/+300
Change-Id: I21468f8e64e1558640ba216e728e7e230b803f08 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit c175886ec8d6f55c3c069f8506c37262cc63009e)
2017-03-30Release notes for FDS for D1.0danube.1.0Frank Brockners2-0/+211
Change-Id: Ie8dbe26835965765fa65eb585c895c357b56c71b Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit d00c547178fdf5637a3b42112f5c3e6ae29fb260)
2017-03-28Add Scenario Documentation LabelsShubhamRathi5-0/+10
Change-Id: Icff2c400c054d960c3c4ec32bc2c69c561c5bf1d Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <> (cherry picked from commit 03210b90f9208a2e2d80f9f31d6132e7b2ca576f)
2017-03-28Check for a flavor with hugepagesTomas Cechvala5-18/+29
Flavor is not checked by name but by huge_pages extra option. It is created when no flavor has huge_pages setting. Change-Id: I1266a6e58047c24456b12f16fc3061082916558c Signed-off-by: Tomas Cechvala <> Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <> (cherry picked from commit a717a49967f77ede476da582b6d3bb2c6359da1b)
2017-03-10Scenario docs for os-nosdn-fdio-haFrank Brockners3-0/+191
Scenario description for os-nosdn-fdio-ha scenario. Scenario which provides OpenStack HA along with integration using the networking-vpp ML2 driver. Change-Id: I4508210642b2e7a56a90bf6132f6b65d9d4ee565 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-03-10Merge "Security groups smoke test in FDS"Juraj Linkeš5-73/+245
2017-03-10Security groups smoke test in FDSTomas Cechvala5-73/+245
Security group rules are applied to L2 traffic. - creates infrastructure - applies policy rules - makes MM send icmp and http traffic - changes policy rules - rechecks the traffic - clears infrastructure Change-Id: I7b73f7ff22bb3fc59c5e873818bdb5d5ad88c12d Signed-off-by: Tomas Cechvala <>
2017-03-09Merge "Updated ODL-L3 noha scenario doc for Danube"Frank Brockners5-117/+128
2017-03-09Initializing nova client by session APITomas Cechvala1-10/+6
Authentication problems solved by using the keystoneauth session API. Change-Id: I4e031f012278e19bb78c692c4c45891061f8b128 Signed-off-by: Tomas Cechvala <>
2017-03-07Improving robot smoke testTomas Cechvala3-9/+46
Suite setup modified: - flavor is checked and created if it does not exist - image is checked and created if it does not exist Change-Id: I0254827034fcb2e1a7f5f0983b5a5bad29eada43 Signed-off-by: Tomas Cechvala <>
2017-03-07Updated ODL-L3 noha scenario doc for DanubeFrank Brockners5-117/+128
Updated documentation for the os-odl_l3-fdio-noha scenario. Change-Id: I10523f9668685994a3862b71f75beec3fb716c8c Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-03-06Updated ODL_L2-HA scenario docs for DanubeFrank Brockners4-103/+96
Updated os-odl_l2-fdio-ha scenario documentation for Danube release. Change-Id: I2f4de4bdb988ebe788effb154bc96e4c9f3210f1 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-03-06Updated docs for odl_l2-noha for DanubeFrank Brockners3-106/+90
Updated scenario documentation for os-odl_l2-fdio-noha to reflect changes in the Danube release. Change-Id: Id9d2a5cd981c3cfaea384c5b1cb1fb9cfe736f83 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-02-02Added a script for removing data from odls neutron northboundjuraj.linkes2-0/+101
Change-Id: Idfeadd98ee8e7ff309e32c56397f12effd3624b9 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-02-01removed duplicate creation of test-vm1 in functest sim scriptjuraj.linkes1-1/+0
Change-Id: I41a11b71bdf8ed0318259be2e8588db1a5f9c94b Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-02-01fixed typo in functest_sim.shjuraj.linkes1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3f8c4fde4aaabd9b39bf6cadf33bc5bd2adceb06 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2016-12-06Added script for mounting VPPs into ODLjuraj.linkes1-0/+38
Change-Id: I34ada47e65e388e7343cbcff47501891e7cb0868 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2016-12-06Added basic script for creating two vms using openstack client and a script ↵juraj.linkes2-0/+62
that mimics functests' vping_ssh using openstack client Change-Id: I90cfacd8d4f042f707a197deb6a3dc680ff692e5 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2016-11-15updated vhost user patch with netconf-node-topology yang model updatejuraj.linkes1-3/+16
Change-Id: Ib07a2ad07c23e5d19c98dba4bd0136797b796fbf Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2016-10-19Scenario documentation for os-odl_l2-fdio-haFrank Brockners6-0/+324
Change-Id: I1b1dec0e95d96809e30393efab268c81317645e2 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-09-06Updated scenario documentationFrank Brockners1-3/+23
Updated scenario documentation for os-odl_l2-fdio-noha to reflect the required APEX installer configuration settings (i.e. number of hugepages etc.). Change-Id: I08ece03f3bc4e738eb77eef3f8e39eed0bb88405 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-21Editorial updates to scenario documentationFrank Brockners2-3/+5
Change-Id: Ib70bd02ebcf1b170984bd6d1c09142fbb82529bf Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-19Add validation lab info for os-nosdn-fdio-nohaFrank Brockners1-0/+13
Change-Id: I3115fead575f8c1c978e6fc4459bb62f597c0de5 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-19Add validation lab info for os-odl_l2-fdio-nohaFrank Brockners1-0/+13
Change-Id: If7d99d0950ec751eb487e960bfa4f80737852dd7 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-18Enhanced the scenario description by including DHCP andNaveen1-6/+11
etcd cluster support. Change-Id: I296a4b112795b3575d4e5a86e688d5b43d3fd7a9 Signed-off-by: Naveen <>
2016-08-17Correcting networking-odl to mitaka/stable + app topology patchWojciech Dec98-3332/+1032
Change-Id: Iddcd8dda2d49fcdd8e0f37a1d052a6fa8a24b035 Signed-off-by: Wojciech Dec <>
2016-08-16Adding Mitaka networking-old module with the ODL topology based portWojciech Dec171-0/+14615
binding resolution mechanism from Change-Id: I10d400aac9bb639c146527f0f93e6925cb74d9de Signed-off-by: Wojciech Dec <>
2016-08-15Merge "puppet module added"Juraj Linkeš14-0/+374
2016-08-12Merge "added headers and added a non-working first draft of nodhcp ping test"Juraj Linkes3-15/+93
2016-08-12puppet module addedviliamluc14-0/+374
Change-Id: Ic70ee605b7e0e88054fe5599180026a55d7dddae Signed-off-by: viliamluc <>
2016-08-12Editorial updates to os-nosdn-fdio-noha docsFrank Brockners1-6/+27
Evolved section headers to match OPNFV template. Added references section. Change-Id: I3528f8cc927cfb0a507b7602a00e3f3e657e8c5f Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-12Editorial updates to os-odl_l3-fdio-noha docsFrank Brockners1-9/+51
Evolved section headers to match OPNFV template. Added motivation for the scenario. Added references section. Change-Id: Id174e910d24fcc465577f7e7d796b87d94be5bdd Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-12Editorial updates to os-odl_l2-fdio-noha docsFrank Brockners1-11/+52
Evolved section headers to match OPNFV template. Added motivation for the scenario. Added references section. Change-Id: Icdc9e48648f0546d8ca856f12dc5bf55a3e74925 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-11Proper directory structure for scenario docsFrank Brockners14-17/+57
Evolving the scenario documentation to meet the directory structure required by the OPNFV tool chain Change-Id: Iab441dff604446ea06d3b928e5c5e03c6c141bfc Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-08-11added headers and added a non-working first draft of nodhcp ping testJuraj Linkes3-15/+93
Change-Id: I0c02184cc2b6f43cc8a8a6ede4ca3fcf3a2285d3 Signed-off-by: Juraj Linkes <>
2016-08-10Documentation for odl_l2/l3 and nosdn scenariosFrank Brockners10-0/+567
Initial outline of scenario documentation for the following FDS scenarios: - apex-os-nosdn-fdio-noha - apex-os-odl_l2-fdio-noha - apex-os-odl_l3-fdio-noha Change-Id: I6f8ec5c2babb5a8e410b3d1939cffe1415e0b730 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-06-30Initial robot smoke suite which creates two vms and tries to ping them ↵Juraj Linkes5-0/+238
directly from where the tests are run Change-Id: Ib1057d5cb3942bf1eafa2288bc9d40391a35a662 Signed-off-by: Juraj Linkes <>
2016-04-08INFO file for FDSFrank Brockners1-0/+22
Initial version of INFO file for FastDataStacks. Change-Id: I5deea5a497110df73735fac28a33f0c4e7271acb Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2016-04-05Initial empty repositoryAric Gardner0-0/+0