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FDS DVR doc - Updated components diagram
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@@ -81,11 +81,7 @@ servers:
* 2 or more Computehosts. These Computehosts also serve as layer 3 gateways
for tenant networks and provide ditributed virtual routing
-TODO: update the image:
- 1. Compute 0..N are gateways
- 2. NIC2 on controller is not in vpp
-.. image:: FDS-odl_l3-noha-overview.png
+.. image:: FDS-odl-dvr-noha-overview.png
Tenant and public networking leverages On compute nodes,
VPP binds to both the tenant networking interface as well as the public
@@ -110,9 +106,6 @@ layer 3 services which are provided in a "vanilla" OpenStack deployment,
including one-to-one NAT but not source NAT, as well as north-south and
east-west traffic filtering for security purposes ("security groups").
-TODO: update the image:
- 1. Add External network interface to Computenode-1
.. image:: FDS-L3-DVR-sample-setup.png
Features of the scenario
@@ -189,10 +182,7 @@ interfaces.
The picture below shows the key components.
-TODO: update the image:
- 1. Add LISP
-.. image:: FDS-basic-components.jpg
+.. image:: FDS-basic-components.png
Neutron Port Callflow
@@ -224,11 +214,22 @@ To provide a better understanding how the above mentioned components interact
with each other, the following diagram shows how the example of creating a
vhost-user port on VPP through Openstack Neutron:
+TODO: Add LISP components to diagram
.. image:: FDS-simple-callflow.png
DHCP Packet Flow
+DHCP traffic from a VM first arrives at vhost-user port in VPP, which is
+configured as unnumbered with ip of loopback interface (which corresponds
+with tenant interface port) for the VRF where the VM resides.
+DHCP proxy is configured to relay DHCP packets to the DHCP server created by
+neutron-dhcp-agent running on the node where the VM was created. DHCP relay
+sets the destination ip to the ip of the DHCP server and source ip to the
+loopback ip. Opendaylight configures a route for the DHCP server, sending
+packets to the tap port which is connected to the DHCP namespace.
East-West Packet Flow