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-Reference Architecture
-This section describes the reference architecture, the function blocks,
-and the function entities of Escalator for the reader to well understand how
-the basic functions to be organized.
-Upgrade Scope
-Upgrade objects described in this document are software programs covered by
-red box in the picture below which includes: VIM and NFVI.
-The target of the upgrade is to reduce the impact on the applications in the
-blue box below as much as possible.
-Note that this upgrade process does not take into consideration the effects
-of Vi-Vnfm and Or-Vi. In other words, the unserviceability of the two
-interfaces during upgrade can be accepted.
-.. figure:: images/figure1.png
- :name: figure1
- :width: 100%
-The software stack on each node is generally as shown in the table below.
-.. figure:: images/figure2.png
- :name: figure2
- :width: 100%
-Because the control node upgrade will not affect the VNFs service in the blue
-box, this scheme focuses on upgrading of compute nodes.
-Precondition of Upgrade
-1 The environmental requirements
-1. System is running normally. If there are any faults before the upgrade,
-it is difficult to distinguish between upgrade introduced and the environment
-2. The environment should have the redundant resources. Because the upgrade
-process is based on the business migration, in the absence of resource
-redundancy,it is impossible to realize the business migration, as well as to
-achieve a smooth upgrade.
-Resource redundancy in two levels:
-1 NFVI level: This level is mainly the compute nodes resource redundancy.
-During the upgrade, the virtual machine on business can be migrated to another
-free compute node.
-2 VNF level: This level depends on HA mechanism in VNF, such as:
-active-standby, load balance. In this case, as long as business of the target
-node on VMs is migrated to other free nodes, the migration of VM might not be
-The way of redundancy to be used is subject to the specific environment.
-Generally speaking, During the upgrade, the VNF's service level availability
-mechanism should be used in higher priority than the NFVI's. This will help
-us to reduce the service outage.
-2 The requirements for component release version
-This is primarily a compatibility requirement. You can refer to Linux/Python
-Compatible Semantic Versioning 3.0.0:
-Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:
-1. MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
-2. MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner,
-3. PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.
-Some internal interfaces of OpenStack will be used by Escalator indirectly,
-such as VM migration related interface between VIM and NFVI. So it is required
-to be backward compatible on these interfaces. Refer to "Interface" chapter
-for details.
-Upgrade related modules in VIM
-Upgrade operations are initiated by the user through the VIM. For VIM, upgrade
-management mainly contains the object:
-- **Upgrade Manager**
-Mainly responsible for control of the upgrade process.The Escalator is required
-to know the software deployment information of the platform and will use these
-information during the upgrading. It will be collected from some place, such
-as the Installer, Deploy Manager and Escalator itself, etc.
-- **VIM Interface**:
-Mainly responsible for the external interface, include Vi-Vnfm, Or-Vi. This
-module stores VNFO and VNFM external information such as address and
-- **Cloud Manager**:
-Mainly responsible for virtualization resources management,which might be
-considered made up of Openstack and SDN control node.
-- **System Support**:
-This layer is the runtime support environment of upper layers, e.g. Cloud
-Manager and VIM interface., including:OS, HA, etc. To upgrade the upper
-software is based on this module.
-.. figure:: images/figure3.png
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