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Adding documentation for API validation exemption
Updating the user guide and OVP addendum to include references to the detailed document describing the API response validation exemption. JIRA: DOVETAIL-651 Change-Id: I4026f84f021704f0986b45680471e8fb711fc314 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <> (cherry picked from commit 8048568b27c8b6fb5a5a269c66f722bceb4b338d)
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.. (c) Ericsson and others
-Exemption Process - Disabling Strict API Validation in Tempest
+.. _dovetail-exemption_process_api_response_validation:
+Disabling Strict API Validation in Tempest
.. toctree::
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@@ -136,7 +138,7 @@ Exemption process for additional properties in API responses in the OVP
The details of the exemption process for disabling strict validation of API
responses is as follows:
-#. The Dovetail tool provides a new command line option "--non-strict-api" for
+#. The Dovetail tool provides a new command line option "--no-api-validation" for
disabling strict API validation. This option needs to be explicitly given on
the command line to disable strict API validation. If this command line
option is omitted, the default behavior (i.e., strict API validation) is
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@@ -414,6 +414,18 @@ documented and accepted by the reviewers.
Applicants who choose to run the optional test cases can include the results
of the optional test cases to highlight the additional compliance.
+Exemption from strict API response validation
+Vendors of commercial NFVI products may have extended the Nova API to support
+proprietary add-on features. These additions can cause Nova Tempest API tests
+to fail due to unexpected data in API responses. In order to resolve this
+transparently in the context of OVP, a temporary exemption process has been
+created. More information on the exemption can be found in section
.. References
.. _`OVP Governance Guidelines`:
.. _`Pharos specification`:
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@@ -553,6 +553,17 @@ arguments 'ipv6', 'sdnvpn' and 'tempest'.
$ dovetail run --testarea mandatory
+Dovetail allows the user to disable strict API response validation implemented
+by Nova Tempest tests by means of the ``--no-api-validation`` option. Usage of
+this option is only advisable if the SUT returns Nova API responses that
+contain additional attributes. For more information on this command line option
+and its intended usage, refer to
+.. code-block:: bash
+ $ dovetail run --no-api-validation
By default, results are stored in local files on the Test Host at ``$DOVETAIL_HOME/results``.
Each time the 'dovetail run' command is executed, the results in the aforementioned directory
are overwritten. To create a singular compressed result file for upload to the OVP portal or