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2016-09-21Modify grammer in docs to force document creationcolorado.1.0stable/coloradoUlas Kozat3-79/+79
2016-09-21Delta change in docs to force document creationUlas Kozat1-1/+3
2016-09-21Remove static key pairs used for testingUlas Kozat4-59/+0
2016-08-16Update installation instruction to download colorado branchUlas Kozat1-3/+3
2016-08-15Switch to manual referencing for figures in the user guideUlas Kozat1-2/+2
2016-08-15Removed unused documentation foldersUlas Kozat7-156/+0
2016-08-15Update documentation for Colorado ReleaseUlas Kozat5-31/+410
2016-08-08Take trap statement inside the if clauseUlas Kozat1-2/+1
2016-08-08Add a flag to test script to bypass multi node testingUlas Kozat1-32/+42
2016-07-22update installation and configuration guideUlas Kozat1-1/+2
2016-07-21update installation, configuration guide, configuration file and clientUlas Kozat8-82/+158
2016-07-20update userguide resource scheduling partUlas Kozat1-13/+35
2016-07-19update userguide API and pipelineUlas Kozat3-4/+31
2016-07-19Update userguide with labelsUlas Kozat3-15/+188
2016-07-14Update userguideUlas Kozat3-5/+37
2016-07-12Add chmod for ssh keyUlas Kozat1-0/+1
2016-07-12Update multi node testUlas Kozat3-130/+117
2016-07-12add new multi node test script and deployment ssh keysUlas Kozat5-0/+228
2016-07-08Restore accidentally deleted lineUlas Kozat3-85/+85
2016-07-08Upgrade run.sh to two-client caseUlas Kozat5-81/+151
2016-07-01return FAILED status when no file is generated for distributionUlas Kozat5-3/+70
2016-06-30rm dependents, update testsUlas Kozat3-5/+73
2016-06-27refactored run.sh and changed its execution modeUlas Kozat1-4/+17
2016-06-21updated test script and foldersUlas Kozat2-10/+43
2016-06-17adding test directoryUlas Kozat1-0/+113
2016-06-17added new tosca samples and fixed some small bugsUlas Kozat7-6/+232
2016-06-17Additional placeholders for documentationUlas Kozat7-0/+153
2016-06-15Publish routine turns FAILED status when distribution or translation failsUlas Kozat1-7/+9
2016-06-15Minor bug fixes for (1) registration timeout and (2) handling domino server I...Ulas Kozat1-16/+20
2016-06-14updated documentation and included another sample Tosca fileUlas Kozat3-4/+78
2016-06-14updated API documentation for using domino-cli.pyUlas Kozat1-9/+9
2016-06-13Added cliport support for domino-cli.py to be able to run multiple domino cli...Ulas Kozat3-13/+17
2016-06-10Added heat translation supportUlas Kozat2-6/+17
2016-06-09files pushed to the client are written to files under directories named after...Ulas Kozat3-14/+37
2016-06-09Readded falsely deleted line for recording registered nodes in dictionary objectUlas Kozat4-13/+33
2016-06-09using miscutil.read_templatefile(temp_filename) function in domino clientUlas Kozat2-7/+2
2016-06-06error was occurring when a template is subscribed without label subscriptionUlas Kozat1-13/+13
2016-06-06fixed typoUlas Kozat1-1/+7
2016-06-06Added platform overviewUlas Kozat2-0/+45
2016-06-06Modified defauly log level back to WARNING in domino_conf.py fileUlas Kozat1-1/+1
2016-06-06Updated documentation, moved some configuration parameters to the domino_conf...Ulas Kozat4-5/+49
2016-06-03added sqlite3 support at Domino Server for label subscriptions and client reg...Ulas Kozat1-0/+16
2016-06-03added sqlite3 support at Domino Server for label subscriptions and client reg...Ulas Kozat10-10/+50
2016-06-02updated subscribe command usageUlas Kozat1-2/+8
2016-06-02removed pyc files, added label and template subscription options to overwrite...Ulas Kozat23-10/+27
2016-06-01Removed trailing white spaces in api-documentation.rstUlas Kozat1-2/+77
2016-06-01Update user guideUlas Kozat1-10/+8
2016-06-01Update user guideUlas Kozat1-0/+2
2016-06-01Update user guideUlas Kozat2-5/+21
2016-06-01removed how-to-use-docsUlas Kozat2-116/+0