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Handle the exception for running the profiler
Congress as inspector, currently we can't get the vmdown time and hostdown time unless we get the log of congress and extract the times. Change-Id: Ie8b9dff6048040a1f834033c4873c168225e9d8c Signed-off-by: dongwenjuan <>
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diff --git a/doctor_tests/scenario/ b/doctor_tests/scenario/
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--- a/doctor_tests/scenario/
+++ b/doctor_tests/scenario/
@@ -209,6 +209,10 @@ class FaultManagement(object):
detected = self.monitor.detected_time
notified = self.consumer.notified_time
+ if None in [vmdown, hostdown, detected, notified]:
+'one of the time for profiler is None, return')
+ return
# TODO(yujunz) check the actual delay to verify time sync status
# expected ~1s delay from $trigger to $linkdown
relative_start = linkdown