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Modify the documentation about functest test.
Modify the documentation for updating functest developing status. Change-Id: I5f31d8aa4af235b36f5f33a13658600dc32b2f01 Signed-off-by: Jingzhao Ni <>
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@@ -251,8 +251,17 @@ Functest for Container4NFV could used to verify the basic VIM functionality to s
the Danube_ release, there are 4 domains(VIM, Controllers, Features, VNF) and 5 tiers(healthcheck, smoke, features, components, vnf) and more
than 20 test cases.
-But now the Functest has not been extended to support Kubernetes, which is still under developing.
+.. _Functest-kubernetes:
+Functest-kubernetes_ is part of Functest. Compared with the functest, it pays more attention to verifying the kubernetes environments
+functionality, but not the OPNFV platform functionality. The latest functest-kubernetes has been enabled on arm64 platform.
+In functest-kubernetes tests, there are 3 different types of cases. One is health-check case which is used for checking the kubernetes cluster
+minimal functional requirements. One is smoke case which is used for checking the kubernetes conformance. The last type is feature
+test case which depends on different scenarios.
Current Status and Future Plan