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2018-09-05Fix downloading lxc imagestable/fraserHarry Huang1-1/+1
Change-Id: I195a2203c9c998e264c54effc37346fec67c6c6a Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-08-30Modify download url for lxc imageHarry Huang2-0/+29
JIRA: COMPASS-607 Download lxc image from a local server in huawei lab to avoid lxc pre-staged failur Change-Id: Ia941d9e883ab5a4ff9c839e65e53703c6c237461 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-06-13set spice-html5 git repository URLwutianwei1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ie2d473d3cdc804f698244f163c62bed30a5dd33d Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 3e8cc46ac37c5b89b606bd2ee1e3b389c84fd7fa)
2018-05-07fix 3 test failure in neutron_trunkopnfv-6.1.0wutianwei1-0/+4
JIRA: COMPASS-595 set enable_proxy_headers_parsing to True in neutron config file Change-Id: I63a0795cad02051164b0881b8b33ac14a1562c9d Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-05-04add the command "rm /etc/resolve.conf" in cache_prep_commandswutianwei1-0/+12
Change-Id: I89b15e7e200d37ac5d44cfee974f0f1c63981625 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-04-10Enable the neutron trunkwutianwei1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ieb5d505adc88644cfc1f802364064f5551a1ed53 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 01ff42530757cf99e99b0d63d6daa822b93e1941)
2018-04-10Fix pip version to 9.0.1Harry Huang1-0/+7
JIRA: COMPASS-593 OpenStack Ansible install latest pip on each contoller node and the latest pip (currently 10.0.0b1) doesn't support empty package list to be passed into it. Add a user config file to fix pip version. Change-Id: Ie193389c2b4995cdc4b81876f8cdcfc512cf5ea1 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 18cf3eec4990e2e747cadc8b9c177e5b1d0c67f4)
2018-03-31Install PBR to ensure we're not breaking buildswutianwei1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4e7b47a8f2021a1cf25b80d7818f4dabb441c39f Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 4ce9351a4802a1bdaecdf1a0fe982e2878755c03)
2018-03-20Merge "Fix workaround of image upload through horizon"Yifei Xue6-20/+10
2018-03-20Fix workaround of image upload through horizonHarry Huang6-20/+10
1. using horizon group limit 2. set fact openstack_release to hostvars of localhost Change-Id: I0af0da1a508e862d0e2bb975f29897ec2948617f Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-03-16Bug fix for tacker installationYifei Xue1-0/+2
JIRA: - By default, os_tacker will use "{{ tacker_bin | dirname }}/etc/tacker" as tacker_etc_dir. This will cause a failure when keystone creates fernet key for VIM in tacker due to keystone uses "/etc/tacker" by default. So this patch is proposed to set tacker_etc_dir to "/etc/tacker". Change-Id: Icbffaeb1376f83b4c9904b0258139ce1518ac9f8 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-03-14Add SDN controller's IP in openrc file for functestYifei Xue1-0/+6
JIRA: COMPASS-590 From the time being, Functest ODL testcase calculates ODL ip thanks to Neutron IP. It should be calculated on Installer side (releng jobs) and set via SDN_CONTROLLER_IP in Functest env instead. https://git.opnfv.org/functest/tree/functest/opnfv_tests/sdn/odl/odl.py#n185 It ensures that Functest can rely on SDN_CONTROLLER_IP in all cases (OpenStack end users included) Change-Id: I01c0af952dbb21592aa973daaea3845346dc833f Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-03-09Merge "add a multus with sriov interfaces installation"Justin chi12-17/+546
2018-03-08add a multus with sriov interfaces installationDi Xu12-17/+546
Support deploying multus sriov CNI plugins by setting environment "kube_network_plugin" to "sriov". Change-Id: I3672fd7b6036063bdee57450c2100f39aa5ef68b Signed-off-by: Di Xu <di.xu@arm.com>
2018-03-06Add git package for k8s deploymentYifei Xue2-1/+2
JIRA: - Ks8 deployment doesn't install git, this will cause failure in Stor4nfv scenarios. So proposing this patch to solve this. Change-Id: I98ab0b3a2a5f46eb1eebd4ea94fb60ccafe10272 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-03-02move the update cache after role of setup-k8s-networkwutianwei2-3/+1
If don't setup network, the host cannot connect to the Internet on baremetal pod. So we should update cache after setting the network. Change-Id: Ief0eb2d82c67b0ace2cfb233b9792f6e009a1524 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-02-28Add judgement for k8s stor4nfvwutianwei1-1/+2
Don't run storage roles when scenario isn't stor4nfv Change-Id: Ia8e65c90b58533427e74bad225aaa962d2583934 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-02-27Enable CSI plugin for Stor4nfv scenarioYifei Xue1-0/+18
JIRA: - Add some configurations to enable CSI plugin in k8s v1.9 which is used by Stor4nfv scenario. Change-Id: I78e0b39f31ff666eace50921c691107154dcb249 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-02-25Add plugin for Stor4nfv for k8s deployramamani yeleswarapu1-0/+12
- Adds 'stor4nfv' plugin which installs OpenSDS using stor4nfv. - Adds k8s-nosdn-stor4nfv-ha scenario file. - Adds k8s-nosdn-stor4nfv-noha scenario file. Change-Id: Iee718a48994ad4e55f4b7a01933bd4e7773ac67f Signed-off-by: ramamani yeleswarapu <ramamani.yeleswarapu@intel.com>
2018-02-13add a multus with 2 fannel interfaces installationDi Xu8-1/+490
Support deploying multus multiple flannel CNI plugins by setting environment "kube_network_plugin" to "2flannel". Change-Id: I23a3d42452b4a5e0858a18934f508649f5961e7a Signed-off-by: Di Xu <di.xu@arm.com>
2018-02-11Merge "change k8s version to v1.9.1"HU Xinhui3-0/+12
2018-02-09change k8s version to v1.9.1hu xinhui3-0/+12
JIRA: - 1. compass4nfv can deploy v1.9.1 kubernetes 2. end user can use the kubernetes dashboard Change-Id: I274dda38599da95f382dfcb4159b530da8422fd8 Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>
2018-02-07Add workaround for horizon image upload issueHarry Huang4-0/+37
JIRA: COMPASS-573 1. With HORIZON_IMAGES_UPLOAD_MODE set to direct Horizon provides the endpoint for Glance based on OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE. If OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE is set to internalURL any browser outside the internal network is unable to upload image. Add ansible task to set HORIZON_IMAGES_UPLOAD_MODE to legacy as a workaround. 2. Add ansible lookup plugin to get openstack release 3. set openstack_release into group_vars/all in config-osa to make this variable readable for other tasks Change-Id: I9ef358e1f4acb0c329a032e18359de12284f3b56 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-02-06Bug fix for tacker installation on centos7Yifei Xue2-0/+10
JIRA: - Currently there is no variable definition file of tacker for centos in os_tacker repo. This will lead an error while including vars on centos deployment. So this patch will add a file named "redhat-7.yml" for centos. Change-Id: I965834adb0d2d25e5a68a9c7dbb397342108078f Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-02-03Merge "Update Barometer plugin to install influxdb, grafana"Yifei Xue1-0/+7
2018-02-01Update Barometer plugin to install influxdb, grafanaramamani yeleswarapu1-0/+7
Adds/updates the following to install influxdb and grafana on the controller. Configures them to receive collectd data from the compute. /plugins/barometer/roles/influxdb /pluigns/barometer/roles/grafana /deploy/adapters/ansible/openstack/HA-ansible-multinodes.yml Change-Id: Ie33489e9834da5bb5c77b392451b81cf44a849d6 Signed-off-by: ramamani yeleswarapu <ramamani.yeleswarapu@intel.com>
2018-01-31Merge "Collect log from rsyslog container"Yifei Xue3-0/+59
2018-01-30Collect log from rsyslog containerwutianwei3-0/+59
JIRA: COMPASS-579 the script collect-log.sh would be called by releng, after all the deploy and tests job are complete. Change-Id: Ic2604ca0650989bc13310377427694ededf75a9d Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-01-30Add tacker support in compass4nfv for FraserYifei Xue7-12/+80
JIRA: COMPASS-577 1. Add tacker service into haproxy configuration file 2. Include tacker installation into setup-openstack.yml Change-Id: I5a91766e034ec55af711029aac4ba9ed4a388db2 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-01-30Merge "Change gnocchi storage and increase the capacity of ceph"Yifei Xue9-1/+87
2018-01-27Change gnocchi storage and increase the capacity of cephwutianwei9-1/+87
1. Change the gnocchi storage to ceph. 2. Change the size of loopback to 500GB 3. Change the ceilometer polling yaml 4. Run ceilometer-upgrade command and restart ceilometer service Change-Id: I8948c7b7e340c11e5d05c06a7d54c0e1b807620c Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-01-27Enable neutron port trunkYifei Xue1-0/+5
JIRA: COMPASS-571 The network trunk service allows multiple networks to be connected to an instance using a single virtual NIC (vNIC). Multiple networks can be presented to an instance by connecting it to a single port. This is a highly relevant feature for VNFs and hence for OPNFV as a reference NFVI. This patch is about enabling the trunk port feature in Compass deployments. Change-Id: I270c3f1d5e4af99578c8e1882fae12ddddaabe78 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-01-27Merge "Use run_dir instead of hard coding"HU Xinhui4-9/+9
2018-01-26Merge "spport k8s apiserver HA compass installer deploy k8s using ↵HU Xinhui16-1/+335
kubespray for default, but k8s apiserver HA is not implemented by kubespray, This patch aim is to achieve the k8s apiserver HA Change-Id: I805b5eb2f4efa7ca82fcef7bfd3f4cad35ed65b5 JIRA: - Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>"
2018-01-24spport k8s apiserver HAhu xinhui16-1/+335
compass installer deploy k8s using kubespray for default, but k8s apiserver HA is not implemented by kubespray, This patch aim is to achieve the k8s apiserver HA Change-Id: I805b5eb2f4efa7ca82fcef7bfd3f4cad35ed65b5 JIRA: - Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>
2018-01-23Use run_dir instead of hard codingHarry Huang4-9/+9
Cluster name now can be set in DHA file which makes ansible dir changeable. Use run_dir variable to point to correct dir. Change-Id: I673b0b472b86ce505a8ea29ce4fb3666b4b991bd Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-01-22Fix subnet create fail when disable ext-netHarry Huang1-0/+1
JIRA: COMPASS-575 Add missing condition check for subnet create task. Change-Id: Ibd25a7e7e4edd40be6b0f14bb8bffb828a65f648 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-01-11Fetch kubernetes admin.conf for testwutianwei2-0/+22
from kube_master fetch the admin.conf to the directory /opt/admin.conf of compass-tasks docker Change-Id: I1c236414c968f721d04fb6da0dc7a9514c892f93 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2018-01-10Change the ntp server in chrony confYifei Xue3-1/+110
JIRA: - Use the ntp server in compass-cobbler. Change-Id: Ia5d3d8fb32ce51667841cec74622c7f0da929587 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-01-09Open log server of OSAYifei Xue1-3/+5
JIRA: - Open log server of OpenStack Ansible to collect all of the logs in each LXC. Then it will be very convenient to debug. Change-Id: Iafd625a2af4eea04ff7528c9d8007bed1b218822 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2018-01-09Open fix_pip_versionHarry Huang1-1/+1
Due to OSA commit id rollback, open this fix_pip_version to fix ldap issue Change-Id: I9d41f0dcb04ecdc3d73b92a5da6fa254b5246045 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-12-28Merge "change the failure judgement condition for setup-openstack"Yifei Xue3-2/+14
2017-12-28change the failure judgement condition for setup-openstackwutianwei3-2/+14
1. Don't check failed=1 instead of checking the last task name. 2. comment the fix pip version yml Change-Id: I3c22074f319a1d0f1ae0f3df43ca6e10ec684aac Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-12-27Merge "Remove the /var/log/osa directory if exist"Yifei Xue1-0/+13
2017-12-25fix the lz4 packages dependencewutianwei2-10/+26
1. install pkgconfig 2. mv the tasks of fixing pip issue out of the main script Change-Id: Icc08a3c461690d1d6747455479df0a58d87d22da Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-12-21Merge "Bug fix for chrony configuration"Yifei Xue4-2/+16
2017-12-21Merge "deploy/k8s: support k8s deployment on aarch64"Yifei Xue3-1/+50
2017-12-20Bug fix for chrony configurationYifei Xue4-2/+16
JIRA: - Set "security_ntp_servers" to use only one server; Correct the path of chrony key for centos deployment. Change-Id: I3050018fe07c51912e0b52a1c5c7ce2dd4d3f6ce Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-12-17Merge "Bug fix for the random failure of nova cell_v2 discovery"Yifei Xue1-0/+13
2017-12-16Bug fix for the random failure of pip_installYifei Xue1-0/+12
JIAR: - For centos deployment, it sometimes fails when run the role: pip_install due to the network is not so stable. So we add some retyies here to avoid the failure. Change-Id: I9774e5be4d42a66f8cf377ec83161b200266d3d0 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>