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2018-09-11Skip openvswitch reinstall task for sfcHarry Huang1-0/+2
JIRA: - Change-Id: I56867d6c9b1f4db4c5f762e93dcf7164918c8ef9 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-08-02Restart network before keepalived restartsHarry Huang1-0/+2
JIRA: COMPASS-610 Change-Id: I8afa4177eaa0faaa3fab87d4179a850a3990f15b Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-07-23Modify openvswitch installationHarry Huang2-2/+35
JIRA: COMPASS-604 1. Keep linux bridges when ODL scenario 2. degrade ovs to 2.8.0 for 2.9.0 has issue with ODL Change-Id: I4433fb1bb4e2d64c7220296ca167f32e4a4246be Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-05-08Upgrade OpenStack version from Pike to Queensramamani yeleswarapu2-3/+21
Change-Id: Ice7b3204ade23571df41fc4effb91bb5e125abac Signed-off-by: Ramamani Yeleswarapu <ramamani.yeleswarapu@intel.com>
2017-11-28Upgrade OpenStack version from Ocata to PikeYifei Xue2-2/+16
JIRA: COMPASS-565 For OPNFV F release, it's going to use OpenStack Pike as the NFVI component. This task is created to monitor the upgrade work of OpenStack Pike. Subtasks as follow: - Add Pike related configurations to compass_conf - Upgrade ubuntu os to ubuntu 16.04.3 - Upgrade centos os to centos 7.4 - Upgrade openstack-ansible from ocata to pike - Upgrade openstack repos from ocata to pike Change-Id: I2202e8e3ae23dae8e575c89170c9e5e057757870 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-10-24Config dpdk and ovsHarry Huang1-16/+0
switch dpdk interface driver and bring up corresponding ovs bridges. Change-Id: I07bd9b332978482507711cfbd8ad29802a8b1a8c Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-09-01Support multiple physnet mappingHarry Huang3-10/+126
JIRA: COMPASS-559 1. support multiple mapping in provider_net_mappings of network.yml and create corresponding ovs bridges 2. support seperate config in sys_intf_mappings of network.yml 3. remove linux bridges in compute nodes for ovs port binding convenience 4. support openstack vlan tenant network 5. modify odl and odl_sfc roles to use configurable provider mapping 6. remove some hard coding Change-Id: Ib57484ce60d029f89c647fd5baf2c7af37c85d0b Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-07-06fetch openrc for functestwutianwei1-1/+1
We use openstack-ansible to deploy the openstack, the position of openrc is different from the before. change the apt source when use local apt repository Change-Id: I1c5492b294a8645f452868c9cf2fec2e0802f823 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-07-04Fix keepalived ping addresschigang1-0/+2
JIRA:- Replace OSA default address with ntp_server address. OSA will use it to check internet connection. Rename some roles that make users confused. Change-Id: I4dd7e242e427e5bc3a611450a3bc436e44a8fefe Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-06-30setup ovs create network flavorwutianwei1-0/+14
1. replace the linuxbridge with openvswitch 2. create the network and flavors 3. fix the haproxy when public endpoint using http Change-Id: I6fe93d0c4d5305e5dcab8d2e6c628eb5fa23ab56 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>