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2017-06-09support Containerized compass-corehuangxiangyu1-0/+11
JIRA: COMPASS-534 1. rm compass vm and add ansible to bring up 5 compass containers 2. use tar package instead of compass.iso which contains compass docker images, OS ISO, PPA, pip packages. 3. modify client.py to communicate with containerized compass-core 4. modify cobbler files and ansible callback files to adapt with containerized compass-core 5. upgrade openstack version to ocata 6. use the openstack-ansible to deploy openstack 7. virtual deploy external use nat Change-Id: Ifa2a3f5b8c7c32224ac4276fd3d4cc2b0d270a26 Signed-off-by: huangxiangyu <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>