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2018-01-24Merge "Bug fix for onos sfc" into stable/danubestable/danubeYifei Xue4-12/+31
2017-09-20Add huawei-pod7 network.yml and DHAwutianwei4-0/+314
dovetail need run in danube, we trigger compass4nfv in huawei-pod7 for davetail Change-Id: I7cc89ceb3db872fee4a33d05f650289b38053436 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-08-09Support bond createdliyuenan6-7/+74
JIRA: - You can add bond according to deploy/conf/network_cfg.yaml. Change-Id: I70f2f03581cf763dbaf7a8a47bdbd46b66620fcb Signed-off-by: liyuenan <liyuenan@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 2932812260b57e7f67cef655ee2e043bf66b4887)
2017-07-24Change the BMC password of barematel PODwutianwei30-150/+150
For security, we change the password to Opnfv@pod Change-Id: Ica563ab897123a6b45d1f97284071efa4a70461b Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-07-17Bug fix for onos sfcYifei Xue4-12/+31
Add the configuration of sfc driver in networking-sfc and networking-onos. Change-Id: I2f9345d2caa030960e707f15406cb22f6b525dc0 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-07-14Update release note for Danube 3.1Yifei Xue1-3/+3
JIRA: - Change-Id: Ia88d2803da24cc6633aaaa449e92bbcf2ad69ab8 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-07-05Upgrade networking-sfc to 3.0.0Yifei Xue1-5/+3
JIRA: - In openstack newton, the version of networking-sfc should be 3.0.0. Otherwise after neutron db upgrading, the sfc related tables cannnot be written into neutron db. Change-Id: Iceb17b5f9351d66ba43148211fcc5af053f63e39 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-06-20Merge "Up br-external after its creation" into stable/danubedanube.3.1Justin chi1-0/+2
2017-06-15Merge "FIX compass-core vm panic issue" into stable/danubeJustin chi1-5/+1
2017-06-15Switch on onos-sfc scenario for CIYifei Xue1-4/+0
Change-Id: I23d03618bbfe53f188f594deabb8bc70453c73b9 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-06-14FIX compass-core vm panic issueQiLiang1-5/+1
JIRA: - Update compass-core vm cpu mode in libvirt xml to let compass-core vm support most instruction set that host support. Change-Id: I654672f441c18e0da87509d3c492ceae2bf9ba95 Signed-off-by: QiLiang <liangqi1@huawei.com>
2017-06-06Merge "Switch off congress role in ansible plabook" into stable/danubeJustin chi1-1/+1
2017-06-05Switch off congress role in ansible plabookYifei Xue1-1/+1
Installation often failed when creating user, role and service of congress. So we switch off congress here. If compass users want to use congress, just switch on congress in the ansible playbook. Change-Id: I6f75ec7d86582650adbb7b273810a0961e8361c8 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-06-05Merge "Update the release-note for Danube 3.0" into stable/danubedanube.3.0Justin chi1-6/+11
2017-06-03Update the release-note for Danube 3.0Yifei Xue1-6/+11
1. add new features 2. add bug fix Change-Id: I96a654cc3ded647d71e7c283c5ef0f871ab5673c Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-06-02Add opendaylight sfc support for compass installerYifei Xue14-8/+113
JIRA: COMPASS-483 As odl sfc has been supported by other installers, we compass project has also support odl boron and tacker now. So we are going to support odl sfc+tacker in Danube release. This patch includes: 1. Add ovs-common and ovs-dkms 2. Install networking-sfc for neutron and odl 3. Configure odl sfc in neutron ml2 4. Add sfc related features in odl 5. Add sfc related repo making scripts 6. Add odl_sfc switch both in compass4nfv and compass-core Change-Id: If37a9e190c3095d771ffab61777a927b6d94ea9e Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-06-02onos sfc for danbueYifei Xue7-14/+68
JIRA: COMPASS-483 Install ovs-common and ovs-dkms. Upgrade the ONOS SFC driver and update the sfc related comfigurations. Change-Id: I47c7fe5cd2cb83517da18c36820dba05522c3835 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-05-19Remove ovs-dpdk packageYifei Xue3-3/+0
JIRA: COMPASS-483 "openvswitch-switch-dpdk" is not useful for current scenarios and it will be incompatible with SFC scenarios. So we remove it in this patch for the preparation of SFC online. Change-Id: If48f63266101f0bc91faaab4ff330eac20e893c8 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-05-15Update moon role for moonv4QiLiang27-2847/+320
JIRA: - To deploy moon(master/slave) scenario configure moon role in DHA file like: - name: host4 roles: - moon To deploy moon master, export MOON_CFG env like below compass deploy: export MOON_CFG="master:flag=Disable,slave:flag=Enable,slave:name=slave1,slave:master_ip=master_ip" To deploy moon slave, export MOON_CFG env like below compass deploy: export MOON_CFG="master:flag=Enable,slave:flag=Disable,slave:name=slave1,slave:master_ip=master_ip" Change-Id: Ie300a85979af31634ab0660ccee1ee8b094110b5 Signed-off-by: QiLiang <liangqi1@huawei.com>
2017-05-10Change the default packages url from compass http server to opnfv artifactsYifei Xue6-8/+6
JIRA: COMPASS-544 Currently compass4nfv uses compass http server to store those packages used in building ISO. This is not propriate in OPNFV community. So we push all the packages into opnfv artifacts repo and change the package url used in compass to opnfv artifacts repo url. Change-Id: I9661f2d893767e18c037ba9de5f54933f48ce466 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 5cee19684b16e80b131cc3b5441781a3c6a7f971)
2017-05-05Merge "Fix memcached doesn't start issue" into stable/danubedanube.2.0Justin chi2-1/+19
2017-05-04change the package urlwutianwei2-2/+8
We moved the master package repository from <> to <>. When we build the master ISO, we need download the package from new URL. Add md5 checksum after downloading package. Change-Id: Ia6d8a217569e6e8dc676b1290e583348a7b9c347 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 8bc2146293461a619b5c5516a09d2915effbc19f)
2017-04-14Up br-external after its creationQiLiang1-0/+2
JIRA: - On a clean env run compass4nfv deploy script will cause the jumpserver network unreachable. This patch fix this issue. Change-Id: Ib04762c5cf745ab40adcf05497d518e6d86ad97c Signed-off-by: QiLiang <liangqi1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit a6b71efaef32cd9b43abb48f0a0084465bd435dc)
2017-04-14Fix memcached doesn't start issueQiLiang2-1/+19
JIRA: - Sometimes memcached does not start after installation finished, which will cause issues like openstack dashboard open instance console failure. This patch add memcached restart notify during package installation and add memcached to cron service-status-check task's config file: /opt/service Change-Id: I625899348fb447875fcca7beedb619b5490ce567 Signed-off-by: QiLiang <liangqi1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 5dfa77861d3d5d561dfa19edcc71363a2b91e96b)
2017-03-30Update release notes for Danube releasedanube.1.RC1danube.1.0Justin chi2-23/+20
JIRA: - 1. Add known issues and workaroud instructions 2. Update Danube release date Change-Id: I6058dcf7db478d680999f451f5959ec4f998036f Signed-off-by: Justin chi <chigang@huawei.com> Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 0523f8c84d0dd1530c725b08d881653f8522287f)
2017-03-30Merge "[compass-docs] correct some minor mistake" into stable/danubeJustin chi3-6/+5
2017-03-29Fix some opera related errorHarry Huang4-5/+17
1. echo a string to compass log to avoid deploy error bing concealed 2. judge return code of ./opera_launch.sh Change-Id: I7ac2bac9b600f289c01116e7f7777d1219a58eb2 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-27Revert "opera adapter fix2"Justin chi4-11/+3
* opera_adapter need sshpass which may cause deploy fail * compass log redirection is the last command which always return 0 and thus cover deploy error 1. add installation of sshpass in prepare.sh 2. echo a string at the end of deploy/launch.sh into log file to judge if deployment is complete 3. fix typing error in util/check_valid.py Change-Id: Ifa57faed29e1055a35ab0e24b0026b520f395807 Signed-off-by: Justin chi <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-03-25[compass-docs] correct some minor mistakemeimei3-6/+5
Change-Id: I0e065552cbcaeffde83daeac9d1c27445f6cfcbb Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 751fe977da4661d7c99733afc7d0b1d060da198d)
2017-03-24opera adapter fix2Harry Huang4-3/+11
* opera_adapter need sshpass which may cause deploy fail * compass log redirection is the last command which always return 0 and thus cover deploy error 1. add installation of sshpass in prepare.sh 2. echo a string at the end of deploy/launch.sh into log file to judge if deployment is complete 3. fix typing error in util/check_valid.py Change-Id: Ic4bca50b2c316bf46cace45b9b3317ef9452a0ba Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-21Opera adapter fixHarry Huang2-6/+22
* CI return 0 when opera_adapter fails which cover the error. * opera_adapter runs with no sudo will fail when generate ssh key. * opera_adapter.py use simple ip replacement for openrc file will lead to error when openrc file changed in compass. 1. add judgement to tell if opera_adapter fails 2. add sudo when run opera_adapter 3. pass data in openrc files to opera openrc instead of ip rewriting Change-Id: I681717947746b768791529975a5b0d2a23c6069a Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit b21d57081d4b705689cb6d7372e254818b84a760)
2017-03-20update opera fixHarry Huang1-56/+6
opera codes has been updated and network_openo.yml is modified according to new opera net config. open-o related keys in deploy/compass_conf/package_metadata/openstack.conf should be modified as well Change-Id: I55f8ed3dedcbfd30a3f01b70c958258199f600e6 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit b7fb5c062e0e806e34ebc53fe670f00f8417cd4a)
2017-03-18update opera related filesHarry Huang13-151/+103
1. update opera_adapter.py to sync new opera config 2. modify all os-nosdn-openo-ha.yml, add open-o version and vnf type 3. modify all network_openo.yml, using only one external ip and assign open-o docker ips Change-Id: Iadcba8cc2fc17ddf32dfea9fe52c471a6bfadde8 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 524fea7f6eacfa6a102614b7fb4c66e1be1b8287)
2017-03-18Merge "Add ONOS scenario to daily master" into stable/danubeJustin chi1-4/+0
2017-03-18Merge "onos 1.8 upgradation for danube" into stable/danubeJustin chi18-52/+616
2017-03-17Add ONOS scenario to daily masterYifei Xue1-4/+0
Currently ONOS scenario only runs when OpenStack version is set to Mitaka. This patch is going to change daily ONOS scenario to run with OpenStack Newton. Change-Id: I6595d23778bb50772531e1419d2c7b7b72988967 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 8c13e15ef13be59dfbb80e3bc115ed8d486d365b)
2017-03-17onos 1.8 upgradation for danuberssaravana18-52/+616
Change-Id: I6242b9fc09749ca83f446ef5456eaad72f248012 Signed-off-by: rssaravana <saravanakumar.somaskandan@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 8da5888adfc919b20807f0783e1ae841fac4244e)
2017-03-17Add network_openo.yml in all virtual podsHarry Huang5-0/+456
add network_openo.yml to adapt with open-o scenario in: 1. huawei-virtual1 2. huawei-virtual2 3. huawei-virtual3 4. huawei-virtual4 5. huawei-virtual7 Change-Id: I96046470ddb05f8f613489db35f4a6b623a5cf4c Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 36de0a04135b0932eab1e3a30d703a98aabc031d)
2017-03-17Merge "Adding Labels" into stable/danubeJustin chi4-0/+8
2017-03-14Adding LabelsShubhamRathi4-0/+8
Labels serve as anchors/ refs when referenced from other documents This patch adds labels to docs/*/*/index.rst Change-Id: I66414622edcb73d22142d03d55c2040c3ff70d68 Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <shubhamiiitbackup@gmail.com> (cherry picked from commit f6971e40269878da23f853a517e1416d8b1a770a)
2017-03-14Add deploy log to fileQiLiang1-1/+4
JIRA: - The default log file path is: work/deploy/log/compass-deploy.log Change-Id: I6f8ebb028d169a0da88f2a588e4563db4f2f1f76 Signed-off-by: QiLiang <liangqi1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit 185218b1731357f1ef4ee4f2898519ede9a34912)
2017-03-08Upgrade tacker from mitaka to newtonYifei Xue16-97/+214
JIRA: COMPASS-528 Add tacker package making scripts into repo/pip/ directory. Compass will install tacker using pip in this release. Upgrade tacker role including tasks, templates and vars. Modify the installation method from using source code to using whl package. Change-Id: Iead323c7b46d8d1df084ed868d0e01bc1b0f7e55 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-03-08Merge "add open-o scenario"Justin chi7-0/+579
2017-03-06add open-o scenarioHarry Huang7-0/+579
add os-nosdn-openo-ha.yml and network_openo.yml in: 1. huawei-pod1 2. huawei-pod2 3. intel-pod8 Change-Id: I89ad426c1e3006bf2ef218cd9b55d97e53aa8721 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-03Merge "Development documentations update"Justin chi5-0/+186
2017-02-28Merge "Add License header for files without it"Justin chi125-362/+1083
2017-02-28Merge "add ntp for compass-core"Justin chi3-2/+3
2017-02-28Development documentations updateYifei Xue5-0/+186
JIRA: DOCS-165 Add the document for feature integration which introduces how to integrate a feature into compass4nfv including creating a role, making repo and building a feature included ISO. Change-Id: I8ea70a298cbf079ed30e318ce2cfc4b803218434 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-02-27Add License header for files without itchigang125-362/+1083
JIRA: - use the first author's company for license holder use the latest year for license year add license for yml,c,cpp,shell,python,java. don't add license for template files such as config and j2 patch for auto add license: https://github.com/Justin-chi/Lab/blob/master/add_license.sh delete the files with the Eclipse License Change-Id: I4f17da4ebb36a074c0b6722a2a4154e6c235d4bb Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-02-27Merge "Bug fix for odl l2"Justin chi3-5/+2