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2017-09-06US2925 add monitoring of host pNIC in OVSyayogev1-0/+31
- check_interface.py: renamed to check_pnic_ovs.py - check_interface.py: check changed to use 'ip link show' command - monitor.py: handle check name where object type contains underscore, specifically 'host_pnic' - monitor.py: refactored to work as class - monitoring_pnic.py: changed to handle either OVS or VPP - monitoring_check_handler.py: change to allow defining hard-coded check_type string for file_type naming - monitoring config templates: removed default handler Change-Id: Iad38fa108e9ceae18a7c94b3570a8d9b836a8632 Signed-off-by: yayogev <yaronyogev@gmail.com>