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2018-02-27US3541 merge various fixes to OPNFV branchyayogev1-39/+75
2017-12-18release 1.2 + new taggingKoren Lev1-62/+76
2017-10-24several bug fixes for release 1.1Koren Lev1-15/+59
2017-08-21bug fix: ANY clique type would be used even if sepecific one existed for the envyayogev1-1/+1
2017-08-13US2853 fix: switch clique creationyayogev1-51/+96
2017-08-11US2853 rename pnic to host_pnic & switch_pnicyayogev1-8/+14
2017-07-27Calipso initial release for OPNFVYaron Yogev1-0/+174