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2016-12-21Add flake8 style config and for POSCAyuyang1-1/+1
JIRA: BOTTLENECK-100 Adding flake8 configuration and fix for POSCA Change-Id: Ib822d5abde535263a4473d67c15cc17995f1417b Signed-off-by: yuyang <>
2016-10-25Modify POSCA code into PEP8 styleliyin1-46/+77
JIRA: BOTTLENECK-102 Modify all the code in the testcase POSCA into PEP8 style. Using more standard way to realize our function. Change-Id: Ic014678db454b8a36b36395c32b4769f6cf700be Signed-off-by: liyin <>
2016-09-22Add Factor Testcase RX_PKT_Sizeyuyang1-0/+122
JIRA: BOTTLENECK-97 Add factor testcase to locate bottleneck for rx pkt size. A separated logic for determine if the system bottleneck is rx pkt size is provided. Change-Id: I478b4cf94b07eeb56e87a4825ff0a62367c05175 Signed-off-by: yuyang <>