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diff --git a/src/collectd/collectd_apply_pull_request.sh b/src/collectd/collectd_apply_pull_request.sh
index 35af2981..403d78dd 100755
--- a/src/collectd/collectd_apply_pull_request.sh
+++ b/src/collectd/collectd_apply_pull_request.sh
@@ -35,8 +35,16 @@ IFS=', ' read -a PULL_REQUESTS <<< "$COLLECTD_PULL_REQUESTS"
git config user.email "barometer-experimental@container"
git config user.name "BarometerExperimental"
-for PR_ID in "${PULL_REQUESTS[@]}"
- echo "Applying pull request $PR_ID"
- git pull --rebase origin pull/$PR_ID/head
+# If there's a single PR listed, just check it out
+if [ "${#PULL_REQUESTS[@]}" -eq "1" ];
+ echo "Checking out pull request $COLLECTD_PULL_REQUESTS"
+ git fetch origin pull/$COLLECTD_PULL_REQUESTS/head && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
+# if there are multiple PRs, rebase them on top of the checked out branch
+ for PR_ID in "${PULL_REQUESTS[@]}"
+ do
+ echo "Applying pull request $PR_ID"
+ git pull --rebase origin pull/$PR_ID/head
+ done