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On the controller:
-You will need update the archive policy rule for gnocchi via the command line.
-The default is low, which means that you only get a metric every
-5 minutes. To do this:
+1. Get a list of the available metrics:
-.. code:: bash
+ .. code::
- $ openstack metric archive-policy rule delete default
- $ openstack metric archive-policy-rule create -a bool -m '*' default
+ $ openstack metric list
-Using the ``bool`` archive policy reduces the number of aggregation methods run
-to one (last), and it keeps all metrics at a 1 second interval.
-In order to query this you need to explicitly choose an aggregation method to
-display (by default, ``measures show`` uses mean). You may have to update the
-command for checking the metrics, this is the CLI command:
+2. Take note of the ID of the metric of interest, and show the measures of this metric:
-.. code:: bash
+ .. code::
- $ watch –n2 –d openstack metric measures show --aggregation last <metric_id>
+ $ openstack metric measures show <metric_id>
+3. Watch the measure list for updates to verify that metrics are being added:
+ .. code:: bash
+ $ watch –n2 –d openstack metric measures show <metric_id>
More on testing and displaying metrics is shown below.