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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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+.. Copyright (c) 2016 Open Platform for NFV Project, Inc. and its contributors
+Installing Collectd Ceilometer Fuel Plugin
+* On the Fuel UI, create a new environment.
+* In Settings > OpenStack Services
+* Enable "Install Ceilometer and Aodh"
+* In Settings > Other
+* Enable "Deploy Collectd Ceilometer Plugin"
+* Continue with environment configuration and deployment as normal.
+Upgrading the plugin
+From time to time new versions of the plugin may become available.
+The plugin cannot be upgraded if an active environment is using the plugin.
+In order to upgrade the plugin:
+* Copy the updated plugin file to the fuel-master.
+* On the Fuel UI, reset the environment.
+* On the Fuel CLI "fuel plugins --update <fuel-plugin-file>"
+* On the Fuel UI, re-deploy the environment.