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@@ -614,11 +614,28 @@ Run the collectd docker image
plugins. In the command above we are overriding
/opt/collectd/etc/collectd.conf.d by mounting a host directory
src/collectd/collectd_sample_configs that contains only the sample
- configurations we are interested in running. *It's important to do
- this if you don't have DPDK, or RDT installed on the host*.
+ configurations we are interested in running.
+ *If some dependencies for plugins listed in configuration directory
+ aren't met, then collectd startup may fail(collectd tries to
+ initialize plugins configurations for all given config files that can
+ be found in shared configs directory and may fail if some dependency
+ is missing).*
+ If `DPDK` or `RDT` can't be installed on host, then corresponding config
+ files should be removed from shared configuration directory
+ (`<BAROMETER_REPO_DIR>/src/collectd/collectd_sample_configs/`) prior
+ to starting barometer-collectd container. By example: in case of missing
+ `DPDK` functionality on the host, `dpdkstat.conf` and `dpdkevents.conf`
+ should be removed.
Sample configurations can be found at:
+ List of barometer-collectd dependencies on host for various plugins
+ can be found at:
+ https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/fastpath/Barometer-collectd+host+dependencies
Check your docker image is running
.. code:: bash