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+OPNFV os-nosdn-bar-ha overview and description
+This document provides details of the scenario for Euphrates release of Barometer.
+.. contents::
+ :depth: 3
+ :local:
+.. In this section explain the purpose of the scenario and the types of
+.. capabilities provided
+This scenario has the features from the Barometer project. Collectd (a telemetry agent) is installed
+on compute nodes so that their statistics, events and alarming services can be relayed to Gnoochi and Aodh.
+These are the first steps in paving the way for Platform (NFVI) Monitoring in OPNFV.
+Scenario components and composition
+.. In this section describe the unique components that make up the scenario,
+.. what each component provides and why it has been included in order
+.. to communicate to the user the capabilities available in this scenario.
+This scenario deploys the High Availability OPNFV Cloud based on the
+configurations provided in ``os-nosdn-bar-ha.yaml``.
+This yaml file contains configurations and is passed as an
+argument to ``overcloud-deploy-function.sh`` script.
+This scenario deploys multiple nodes: 3 Controllers, 2 Computes.
+Collectd is installed on compute nodes and Openstack services runs on the controller nodes.
+os-nosdn-bar-ha scenario is successful when all the nodes are accessible, up and running.
+Also, verify if plugins/services are communicating with Gnocchi and Aodh on the controller nodes.
+Scenario usage overview
+.. Provide a brief overview on how to use the scenario and the features available to the
+.. user. This should be an "introduction" to the userguide document, and explicitly link to it,
+.. where the specifics of the features are covered including examples and API's
+After installation, plugins will be able to read/write the stats on/from the controller node.
+A detailed list of supported plugins along with their sample configuration can be found in the userguide.
+Limitations, Issues and Workarounds
+.. Explain scenario limitations here, this should be at a design level rather than discussing
+.. faults or bugs. If the system design only provide some expected functionality then provide
+.. some insight at this point.